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Yale 62

Y62 Videos: Interviews and Coffee Hours

In reverse chronological order (newest at top), here’s all of the video content we have created. Enjoy!

Settle in and watch classmate Whit Knapp explain some history and introductory principles of cryptocurrency, one of the fastest moving news targets we’ve ever seen. Y62 Communications Team member Bill Weber asks Whit about the basics. Once you’ve seen the interview, you can read the essay Whit has sent along to explain more. READ WHIT’S FULL ESSAY HERE.

And Now, for Something Completely Different

For some very silly holiday viewing pleasure, we approached classmate Bill Weeden, who chats in our recording above with Y62 Communication Team member Bill Weber about his long and varied career in the entertainment industry. There’s also a surprise ending to the chat, involving his movie, Psycho Ape. Enjoy!

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Y62 Coffee Hour: The Environment

COP26Editor’s Note: Part I. We had what many thought was one our stronger Coffee Hour sessions November 4 on Climate Change and the Glasgow COP26. For those of you who attended and stayed with the Zoom, we say thank you. We are truly pleased that we were able to fix the technical glitches and that the first portion, including our moderator and three classmate presentations, as well as our poll, can be seen below in the order that was intended. There now are none of the larger video or audio disruptions encountered during Bill Reilly’s fine pre-recorded interview with Gary Richardson. Running time 49:56.

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Editor’s Note: Part II. The second recording from the November Coffee Hour runs 38:10 and includes lively opinions and proposals on the Climate Change challenge from classmates and our panel.

Former President Barack Obama gave a carefully crafted and well-delivered speech yesterday in Glasgow, which was praised by many but criticized by others for not demanding more action from the wealthier nations. The meeting winds up on November 12. We expect to post additional material early next week.

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