"How Sweet It Is!"

Jim White
Washington, DC
November 17, 2004

When my daughter Isabel graduated from Yale in 1996 Trumbull College master Harry Adams gave each graduate a chance to say a few words as they received the diploma. Isabel got the biggest laugh when she said, "My Dad has always wished only the best for me. I have a wish for him, that he live long enough to see his beloved Red Sox win the World Series." Well, I made it.

I was born and raised in New Haven and went to my first Red Sox game in 1949, at Yankee Stadium. Giants walked the earth, er, the outfield, Joltin' Joe, Teddy Ballgame. I was hooked and ever since have been hooked on baseball and the Red Sox.

There have been wonderful seasons, some terrific games, and some painful near misses you might have heard about. Until 11:40pm on October 27, those misses were fresh in mind. All now are replaced by a different memory: a World Series victory.

It is not just that the Red Sox won. It's how and where they won too. First toppling the Evil Empire, in the Bronx, after trailing 3-0 in games, the first (and probably the last) team to accomplish this feat. Then sweeping away St. Louis. Eight games in a row, the first time for that too.

Amazing. Thrilling.

How sweet it is!

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Jim and a friend of his