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News Briefs from many classmates, including Bill Stork, Eli Newberger, Louis Mackall, Bill Stott, John Stewart, Bob Rosenkranz, Chris Snow, Sam Waterston and many, many more. READ THE LATEST…

In MemoriamSteve SusmanStephen D. Susman
July 14, 2020
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Jay CarrH. Jay Carr
June 25, 2020
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Clem JurgeleitH. Clement Jurgeleit
March 15, 2020
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Steve KaplanSteven Kaplan
February 9, 2020
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Sir John BoydSir John Boyd
Oct. 18, 2019
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Tony ScovilleTony Scoville
Oct. 13, 2019
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Richard SegelRichard Segel
Oct. 10, 2019
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Michael UhlmannMichael Uhlmann
Oct. 8, 2019
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John Van NessJohn Van Ness
Sept. 6, 2019
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Andrew NaylorAndrew Naylor
July 1, 2019
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Tony MorrisCharles ‘Tony’ Morris
June 30, 2019
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Jim McGiffinJames L. McGiffin
June 18, 2019
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Nicholas GubserNicholas Gubser
Feb. 9, 2018
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First Week of Yale Opening Goes Well, But Covid19 Risk Remains on Everyone’s Mind

By Al Chambers and Lee Bolman

Yale College’s carefully planned opening for First Years, Juniors and Seniors, with Sophomores participating only virtually from their homes, went well. The class of 2024 admitted 2,304 versus our 1,005 in 1958.

The annual Welcoming Assembly, for what used to be called Freshmen, went well but was produced… READ ON

Our First “Question of the Quarter”
Question of the Quarter

Ten days back, we sent the following inaugural Question of the Quarter to one quarter of the class email list, requesting a response. The question was: “Please share with us how these recent months in the coronavirus pandemic have affected you. Maybe in bad ways, maybe in neutral or good ways. How has your life been affected?” Those replies we have received are here.

Yale Welcomes Students Back to Campus

Announcing Yale Students Back on Campus

Editor’s Note: Yale has announced that it welcomes back students, beginning today. Today’s front page of Yale News features a joint message from President Peter Salovey, Provost Scott Strobel and the university deans.

Meanwhile, Silliman Head of College, popular psychology professor Laurie Santos issued a warning which has made its way to The Washington Post. She warned that student behavior may have “life-or-death consequences.” The WaPo article is here (you may need a subscription to read its full-text), or you can read excerpts from her original note at this Yale Daily News blog post.

Yale’s Fall Term: Over Before It’s Over?
Classmate continues his reports on Yale’s latest news

by Lee Bolman

So far, not so good, for universities around the US bringing students back to campus for the Fall, even with aggressive measures to try to minimize the spread of Covid-19. A headline in Friday’s Chronicle of Higher Education reads: “Colleges Hoped for an In-Person Fall. Now the Dream Is Crumbling.” Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, and Princeton are among the many schools that have reversed course even before students came back. Today, Yale expects to welcome almost 2000… READ MORE

UPDATED 8/18/20
USDOJ Files Suit Against Yale
Claims discrimination against Whites, Asian-Americans
[Ed. Note: We have a link to Yale President Salovey’s statement regarding this lawsuit – “Yale’s Steadfast Commitment to Diversity” as well as a link to the DOJ’s Justice News Release to bring you up to speed with the information. Classmates Lee Bolman and Larry Price tackle this topic for]

A Response to the DOJ Lawsuit against Yale

by Lee Bolman

I’m tending to think this is kabuki theatre on the part of Justice. They want a story to remind the base that the Trump administration is defending the interests of white people who are being disadvantaged by liberal coastal elites. Justice says they’ll go to court if Yale doesn’t change its ways, and Yale is saying Justice didn’t even wait for all our data and the admissions process is fully compliant with Supreme Court … READ MORE

Another View of the DOJ Lawsuit

by Larry Price

Lee and Roman have both written very eloquent statements about the DOJ action and Yale’s response, but I think that both may be missing the point. Yale does in fact, discriminate in favor of African-Americans and against whites and Asian-Americans.

While discrimination in favor of legacies and applicants with strong passing arms… READ MORE

Updated 8/10/20
Happy 80th Birthday, Y62 style, in the COVID era
Happy Birthday, Everyone!

We have new entries, so even if you’ve viewed this feature earlier this summer, it’s worth another look!

How are we celebrating, as we venture into our ninth decade? Please let us know what YOUR plans may be, or if your birthday has already occurred, how did YOU celebrate? Please join in the fun! We will add your account to the mix that have already been received. READ ON to see what classmates have reported…

7/28/20 “White as Hell”

A letter from Jonathan and Deanne Ater (with new Editor’s Note as of 07-29-20)

Dear Family and Friends,

What is going on in Portland – and on your TV screen – needs some context. Below [on the full letter page] is a link to a long article from The Guardian which offers considerable insight into what has gone before and where we are today. … READ MORE

7/28/20 Transitions: Hitting 80, the Coronavirus and Some Practical Suggestions

By Stephen W. Buck

Steve Susman’s death from the coronavirus after he heroically survived a very serious bike accident reinforced what I wrote about my 80th birthday – it was a great celebration and it made me feel old and vulnerable … READ MORE

7/23/20 Y62 INTERVIEWS

This Y62 Interview, featuring classmate Kent Hughes interviewed by Y62 Communications Team member and classmate Steve Buck, was recorded on July 21, and sheds light on the discussion that will take place at the Y62 Virtual Coffee Hour on Thursday, August 6 at 1pm Eastern. Following some smaller group “test runs,” we’re opening up the August Coffee Hour to the whole class, based on first-come, first served response. To ensure everyone gets a chance to speak, we think we can manage about 50 classmates on the Zoom video call, so that will be the cap. To reserve your place, see the info in the email we sent you today or email us at

After you’ve watched the interview, you’re most welcome to post comments here.

7/23/20 Pandemic Reading, Anyone?

Class Secretary John Stewart examines a list of literary contributions. READ ON to see his recommendations.

7/17/20 Y62 INTERVIEWS

In this Y62 Interview recorded earlier this month, Y62 Communications Team members Dick Riseling and Chris Snow chat about Dick’s agricultural life on his Catskills mountains farm. He sees magical possibilities for the future of farming, if we can only envision, embrace and support it.

After you’ve watched the interview, you’re most welcome to post comments here.

7/17/20 COVID and Confusion

By William Stork

Bill brings us another installment concerning the flood of events in Hong Kong. READ ON

Yale Announces Plan for Fall Semester

On Wednesday, July 1, President Peter Salovey and Provost Scott Strobel announced the fall semester news in a message to the Yale community. We asked classmate Lee Bolman for his reaction. “On a quick look: moving classes online is the right thing. Bringing back ~60% of students is risky. The extensive testing regime may help, though CDC says there’s not evidence that such a program reduces infection beyond what you can achieve with social distancing. How will the quarantine requirements for students from high-risk areas be enforced? Almost inevitably, there will be mini-spikes of Covid-19 in the undergraduate population, and the hope is that they can be identified and controlled quickly. As the university acknowledges, the program is intrusive in many ways, and how well undergraduates will comply with the social distancing and travel restrictions is an open question. Interesting times, for sure.” For Lee’s recent essay on “Yale, COVID and What About Fall 2020?” please READ ON

“Whether” Report: Hong Kong. July 1, 2020

By William Stork

There is a chill in the air this summer in Hong Kong. “Whether” Hong Kong can or will proceed and function as once it had is the subject of some intense debate, scrutiny, pressure and concern… READ MORE

Yale, COVID and What About Fall 2020?

A. Whitney Griswold, Yale Art Gallery Collections

By Lee Bolman

A. Whitney Griswold, Yale’s president from 1950 to 1963, held opinions that were fairly conventional at the time, but seem retrograde today. He said that immigrants to the US did not understand liberal education… READ ON

6/01/20 Y62 INTERVIEWS

In this Y62 Interview from Sunday, May 31, classmate Sam Waterston invited us all to a star-studded, no-cost, online gala scheduled for Monday, June 1, at The Public Theater. However, in response to the deaths of George Lloyd and others, the WE ARE ONE PUBLIC gala was postponed to a yet-to-be-determined date. Here, Sam speaks with Y62 Communications Team member Dick Riseling about his history with The Public Theater, as well as his longtime ongoing activism on behalf of the environment. It will be online and ‘live’ sometime in the near future, we hope, once its reschedule is possible. We will do our best to keep you informed on its rescheduling.

After you’ve watched the interview, you’re most welcome to post comments here.

It is Time for Watchful Waiting by All, and Not for Protests

By William Stork

Despite much in the media right on 26 May calling for world leaders to confront China on what has happened with respect to Hong Kong this – IMHO – is perhaps ill-advised, and I speak as a long-time resident of the HKSAR.

First off, the news then was not quite correct. Last Friday’s proposed legislation READ MORE

The Yale Blue Green Initiative

By Dick Riseling
Y62 Communications Team member

I’m eager to tell all of my Yale ’62 classmates about the Yale Blue Green Initiative that’s gathering strength and is worthy of classmate support. It is a Yale alumni organization already operating out of the Yale School of Forestry and Environment… READ MORE

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