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Yale 62

And Now, for Something Completely Different


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2 comments to And Now, for Something Completely Different

  • Steve Rose

    Very good, Bill.
    Really enjoyed your “Hey, what year did you say it was, haha, time does fly, but we had a ball” mien.
    Got a kick out of catching your brief appearance in “Mind the Gap,” one of my favorite films of all time.
    Talk of cabaret life, I got to be the host (led people to their tables) for Ben Bagley’s Cole Porter review (“The Decline and Fall of the Entire World as Seen through the Eyes of Cole Porter”) back in 1965 on West 4th St. with Kay Ballard, Bobby Short, Harold Lang, Dodie Goodman, Carmen Alvarez, Bill Hickey, Elmarie Wendel, a pianist and and drummer…across the street from “Man of La Mancha” in a tent.
    That was fun too 😊

    • Bill Weeden

      Thanks, Steve. “Mind the Gap” was actually written and directed by my stepson Eric Schaeffer, who also starred in it. I’ll pass along your comment when I see him this weekend.