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Comments on our Y62 Interview: “My Legislative Years”

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2 comments to Comments on our Y62 Interview: “My Legislative Years”

  • Bill Weber

    Charlie. Thanks and I look forward to the interview on the police commission. Bill Weber

  • Charlie Valier

    I was asked to talk about relationships while I was in the Legislature and then the Governor’s office. I forgot the most important one. After redistricting there were a group of younger legislators who banded together to support reform legislation, maybe 20 out of 163. We were from the more urban areas of the state. All of us went on to better jobs, ie. Mayors, congressmen, state senators, federal prosecutors, etc. However, it was in the close confines of the House where we engaged in heated debate that we bonded. The speaker pro Tem referred to some of us as “shit disturbers.” The name stuck and after we left the House we began to meet annually. We took on the name, Royal Order of Shit Disturbers” and have continued to meet annually. In Missouri we are the only group over the last 50 years to do this.