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Comments on Our March 3, 2022 Coffee Hour: Ukraine

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  • I’d posted this comment under Steve Buck’s discussion of diplomacy. This may be a more appropriate place for it:

    Food for thought:
    “Putin may save us from global warming” by Philip K. Verleger Jr.

  • Peter Casssar TORREGGIANI

    i was sorry to have to miss this coffee hour. I likeb Bob’s approach of switching from the imploding regional conundrum to an expanding global solution. This can be strategically structured on the insight of St John Paul, who is reputed to have brought down communism through solidarity.

    Peter CT


    Peace between Russia and Ukraine from Europe and the international community by raising the UN towards a global civilization of love from the universality of deepening love.

    1. Pope Francis at last Sunday’s Angelus 27th February quoted a former UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold, “Abbusare al la parola e equivalente a disprezzare l’essere umano”.
    The Pope was talking about Christ’s parable about good and evil from the human heart and was possibly alluding to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and to the spread of disinformation and invalid communication on the internet.

    2. Speech by St John Paul II to UN on need for a new Declaration on the Rights of Nations
    • Apostolic Journey to the United States of America: To the United Nations Organization (New York, October 5, 1995) | John Paul II (

    Quote from UN SEC GEN Butros Ghali on St John Paul’s address to UN IN 1995

    • The representation of the world offered to us by this pontifical address goes far beyond the inter-State vision which all too often prevails in our thinking. Although States are the principal actors in the international order and the principle of sovereignty remains the basis of our positive law, it is none the less clear that the richness of the world and the adventure of history cannot be reduced to this representation alone. From the very opening sentences of his address, Pope John Paul II resolutely addresses the whole family of peoples living on the Earth. In this, he makes a spiritual connection with the words contained in the Preamble to the Charter: “We the peoples of the United Nations”. This desire to express himself to what he calls “the Assembly of peoples” calls us to reflect on the structure and on the very nature of the international community. It also invites us to rethink the complex dialectic between the law of States and the law of peoples, between the law of peoples and the law of nations, between the law of nations and a law centred around the individual.

    3. The basic ideas for the text of a new UN Declaration for inalienable national rights could follow on from the Maltese commitment below in the European Movement 50 years ago towards offering a draft of additional Declaration of the Rights of Nations in the context of the situation between Russia and Ukraine by globalizing the Council of Europe Individual petition provisions to the UN with suitable remedies. Both Russia and Ukraine are members of the council of Europe, albeit Russia membership is presently suspended.


    2 BECAUSE it will reaffirm our commitment to the observance and the protection of the rights of men and of free citizens in a Democratic State
    3 BECAUSE through our membership of a strongly united European Community we can also reaffirm Malta’s additional commitment to work for freedom, peace and justice by

    “using the experience of the further the evolution of the United Nations towards a growing world-wide unity and a better balanced development of the world’s diverse regions”;

    (quoted from the European Movement’s Congress Resolution – London, 1973)

    PCT 02/03/2022 Balzan Malta

  • morgana

    As a follow-up to our Coffee Hour, here’s an upcoming online seminar through YAA you may wish to see.

    Here’s the link to the registration: