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Yale 62

Sherman Bay Chickering
November 4, 1940 – February 22, 2023

He was known alternatively as Sherm or Chick, and left us in February ’23, in Madison WI. He was born in Honolulu. His father, William Henry Chickering, was in the class of ’37. His mother was Audrey Hammond Bay. After Choate, he roomed in Timothy Dwight with Kirk MacDonald and Lew Spratlan. He was on the Freshman Prom Committee and Freshman squash team, and was a member of Zeta Psi. Chick had a beautiful lyric baritone voice, displayed in the University Quartet with Peters Clark and Sipple and Dixie Carroll. He sang in the Yale Glee Club, the Battell Chapel choir, and the Yale Glee Club. He was an excellent guitar player and folk singer, writing much of his own material. I remember as if it were yesterday, his wonderful “Vermilion Hair” (“I’m a sawed-off punk, kinda shrunk, but what do I care, with her vermilion, vermilion hair…”)

His last year at Yale he created a magazine called Moderator, whose raison d’être was to assemble and organize students’ beliefs and opinions around the country and eventually the world. He pursued this goal for a few years, but was not successful in finding financial backing. He offered Kirk MacDonald, the editor of our 25th reunion book an extended philosophical piece which was not used. A sample of his rather good writing can be found at here.

From Kirk: “Sadly, time passes sometimes without completion of relationships. Chick was one of the most talented men I’ve ever met. Seeing him squander that talent and effectively go over the edge without a return of any sort left me with a great void.

“He contributed an incredibly long essay to the 25th book, which I edited and sat in a meeting where we all decided not to publish his tell-all story. Tried to remain in contact, but he staunchly refused. Biggie kept pleading with me to send out the rescue dogs for contact.

“These are the times when we gather our belongings and pack up for the next trip. Not advisable to take baggage which will not serve nor to regret the things and people we have passed along that way. Better to forget and forgive than to fret and relive.”


To all classmates: I’ve been unable to find out anything about Sherm’s life after 1987. Please share anything you know so we can add to this incomplete report. Thanks.

— John Harger Stewart,