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Yale 62

YAM Notes: September/October 2022

By John D. Hatch, III for the Y62 Communications Team.

If you didn’t make it to the reunion, you will have seen our coverage in the July/August YAM issue.  While you wait, our class website,, has video-recordings of the major class reunion events and lots of photos, as well.  We regret we were unable to stream them live to you, but you can find them now, on the site.

Our April Y62 Coffee Hour focused on the impact on some of our classmates of having been a Peace Corps Volunteer.  At least fourteen from ’62 have served in the organization in one capacity or another: Farish Banani (Iran), Doug Bingham (Nepal), Lee Bukanin (Peru), Sam Busselle (Sierra Leone), Matt Black (Guinea), Tom Chapman (Mexico), Tom Cutler (Ethiopia/Eritrea), Peter Greer (Colombia), Ken Harding (Peru), Jay Hatch (Tanzania), Tim Kish (Peru), Brian McCauley (Ethiopia), Charlie Michener (Ethiopia), Mike “Biggie” Moore (Togo) and Eli Newberger (Sierra Leone, as staff). Any additions or corrections to this list will be most welcome. This Coffee Hour was recorded and is available at

Rud Platt, Jim Wechsler, and Doug Bingham joined moderator Gary Richardson to form a panel for the May Coffee Hour.  They presented short discussion starters which stimulated a discussion on worldwide efforts to minimize and adapt to climate change. Planned major commentators were Dick Riseling, Tony Carbone and Jack Merrick, while many others chimed in for a wide ranging and spirited conversation. And yes, if you missed it, a recording of this event is available on our website, too. In June, Dr. David Scharff walked us through dealing with stress and anxiety in this highly stressed time, and in July, veteran newsman Al Chambers led us through analysis of some of the flood of recent news in a special classmate version of his long-running class, Taking Apart the News. Please join us at these unique, important events, which we’ve offered, monthly, since June 2020. Our longtime classmate attendees will all welcome you warmly.

Bob Lefevre sends us an update: “Hello from California. Taking care of our Brittany spaniels keeps a person as young as is possible at our ages…Watson, our 4-year-old, makes sure I keep up on my reading and walking. We are a certified therapy dog team and are finally getting back into action as Covid seems to be slacking for the moment.

“Tai Chi has become my go-to activity 3 times per week. It’s moving meditation, with the added benefit of improving balance and leg strength. Never thought I could stand on one leg and kick without falling on my ass. Grandkids in college take any spare change and then some that we might have.”

The following, from Andre Dreyfus, comes to us via John Stewart, with the note that at Yale he was known as Andy Barber. “I won’t be making our 60th…In some ways, 60 years seem like yesterday, in others, so long ago.  And having lived in Australia for now 22 years, it’s more ‘long ago’ than yesterday.  Apart from family, my major interest is playing croquet competitively.  I’m ranked 22nd in Victoria.  I’m beating kids who could be my grandchildren – not bad for an 82 year old.  That’s the great thing about croquet, winning does not require strength, it requires skill, focus and strategy.  Biggest challenge is to stay focused and not letting the mind wander when I’m about to strike the ball.”

Tai Chi, therapy dogs, croquet… what are you doing that keeps you physically active?

Housekeeping note: for too many of you, the contact info that Yale has for you seems to be dead-letter boxes and long-changed phone numbers.  Your class Communications Team would like to keep you informed about Class of ’62 events and news. If you are not receiving information about Class of ’62 events and news, please let the team know how you can be reached by emailing us at or by calling one of us. My number is 301 216-4875 and I’d be glad to hear from you. And if you wish to keep that information available only to our class, be sure to tell us.

Sadly, we report the death of Ken Cascone. His obituary may be found on our website at