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Yale 62

Y62 Seattle Gathering: March 28 and 29, 2020

Seattle Gathering

To: Members of the Yale Class of 1962
From: James A Wechsler and Roman L Weil
Re: Planning a ’62 Gathering in Seattle, March 28, 2020

Members of your Class Council are planning a Gathering in Seattle for Saturday night, March 28, 2020, followed by brunch/coffee Sunday morning, March 29. A new and (North-)western location.

Please let us know if you are likely to attend. We’re posting this note on, in case you haven’t had a chance to read our email to you. We suspect the Gathering will interest those in the Northwest, but in hopes travelers from other parts of the country will come, we invite all. We have purposely not planned more than Saturday night and Sunday morning events, because we suspect that many have family or friends in the area or want time to revisit favorite Seattle area attractions or see this exciting city for the first time.

Venue and Costs. Because venue and costs depend on our numbers and those of us who have discussed this event have widely different estimates, we ask for a quick response indicating your inclination. We will let you know more of the details later, based on our estimated numbers. Your trusted accountant speaking here: cost per person depends on fixed costs for the venue and labor costs for servers and bartender, if any, which we can’t tell you until we know the size of the Gathering. We’re aiming for casual and inexpensive. Think a cut above pizza, but not many cuts. Maybe one of the Asian places of which Seattle has many. Perhaps we’ll rent a private club or a room at a hotel. We have in mind that we are there for each other’s company and conversation, not for the meal.

Communication: Can you let us know by January 20th whether you think you might come? Please reply to the email we sent last Friday with: Yes, I’ll attend, Maybe I’ll attend, or No, I can’t make it. If you plan to attend, or even if you’re a ‘Maybe,’ please indicate whether you’ll bring a guest. Thanks.

If you prefer to send a separate email to us concerning your plans, please use

Later, by February 1st, we’ll email you with more details, based on the venue choice. We’ll also post updates here on our website. We’ll ask for cash payment at that time, to nail down the venue commitment.

We hope you’ll plan to come to this informal event, which we plan to be engaging and mimicking of the round tables with free-flowing cordiality as at our every-fifth-year reunions. We look forward to your responses and questions.