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Yale 62

The Dick Riseling Interview

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2 comments to The Dick Riseling Interview

  • C Steven Wilson ‘62

    This interview was 2%farming and 98% social commentary. Hobby farming and dairy farming aren’t main stream farming. And the comment about milk prices not having kept current doesn’t mention that no agricultural prices have kept up with consumer prices or , for that matter, with tuition at Yale University which cost around $2,000 a year when we were there.
    I do appreciate you efforts to keep the Class of 62 In touch on line.

    • Hi Steven, and thanks for responding to the interview. This was an interview I had been asked to participate in for several months. In it, I tried to respond to the questions I was asked about my farming life. It has been as marvelous an adventure in learning as my 8 years at Yale, and I really wanted to highly recommend spending more time with the natural environment.

      In my newspaper columns and radio program of 25 years, as well as my teaching for a similar length of time, I have engaged in social commentary on the way our society is organized and performing.

      I would be glad to engage in an exchange of further communication if you like.