45th Reunion Reflections
Photographers' Comments

Barbara Cooney Oliver (65 photos)
Barbara's series on Tom Luckey's honorary induction into the Whiffenpoofs (8 photos)

    "I have been to every Yale Class of 1962 reunion with Bob since the 5th, when I went as his date! I thought the 45th to be the best - a fun, lively, interesting, invigorating, hospitable and memorable weekend of renewing 'friendships made at Yale'.

    I believe my photos captured a variety of wonderful reunion moments."
(Barbara's email address is bcoliver@y-mect.org)

Bill Doying (44 photos)

    "Though I was a little uncertain of my decision to attend in the opening hours, by Saturday and Sunday I felt not only enriched by the wonderful programs made available for us, but warmed by the company of classmates. "
(Bill's email address is cwdoying@aol.com)

Cindy Hummel (41 photos)

    "I enjoyed hearing from Dave's classmates about how supportive, encouraging and energizing their professors were. I was attending Stanford in basically the same time frame, but never had that feeling about any of my 'teachers'. The attitude I felt was, 'Well you made it here, now figure out how to stay.'

    The architecture of Yale is definitely unique and beautiful. "
(Cindy's email address is cindyhummel@bresnan.net)

Tansy Blumer (24 photos)

    "It wasn't hard for me to pick out the '62s in the crowd; most were wearing the uniform -- blue jacket and wrinkled khakis -- and all had the same old fire in their eyes. Favorite moment of the weekend: the sight of the '62 Whiffs singing their hearts out on stage."
(Tansy's email address is tansy@starpower.net)

Rob Flint (23 photos)

    "For me photography has always been a form of note taking which helps me remember events and places in my life, as well as an artistic challenge to communicate my own reactions to places and times."
(Rob's email address is robflint@sbcglobal.net)

Tim Hall (11 photos)

    "For me, the highlight of the weekend was the Tom Luckey event at our dinner. His comments about our losing the flag and the national anthem are ones I share 1000%. I also loved the look of pure joy on his face as we all sang so energetically together. I tried to capture that in my pictures, but he was circling around so quickly that it was difficult to get a good shot!"
(Tim's email address is dthall@bu.edu)

Al Chambers (9 photos)

    "I took very few photos with my point and shoot but noticed that I had shots of a few events that our stalwart volunteers didn't cover. That included Jonathan Spence and Lee Patterson's fascinating lectures and Roman Weil's very successful Friday afternoon wine tasting."
(Al's email address is alchambers@comcast.net)

David Scharff (7 photos)

    "We think we are healthier than we are. We're mostly married, though often not to the girl we brought to Yale and married soon after. Those of us who answered have a sense of well being, That, it seems to me, explains the way we overrate our health."
(David's email address is davidscharff@mindspring.com)

Mike Kane (5 photos)

    "My pictures, all too random I'm afraid, showed my very comfortable digs at Pierson, a mini-dorm recently built behind the old DKE, Tom Luckey as I first encountered him with Louie Mackall and companion on their way to Saturday lunch, Tom again, becoming an honorary Whiff Saturday night and in his usual spot at center stage,and Roman Weil and David Honneus in respective versions of battle dress."
(Mike's email address is mkane40@gmail.com)

Art Mann (4 photos)
(Art's email address is ManlyArt@aol.com)