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Reunion Update: March 11, 2022

Yale ’62 Reunion Team “Yakking” Reunion team members “yakked” about the upcoming reunion, which we’re pretty sure will be live and in person.

Reunion Update: March 11, 2022

By John Stewart

The Reunion Committee met this past Wednesday (March 9), as it does once a week, and the following information is confirmed.

Timothy Dwight is reunion headquarters. Information about housing on and off campus can be found (as can much more) on the YAA Reunions website. Hotels are listed, mostly fully booked but cancellations start around now, and there is a waiting list. Housing in TD is $110 per bed for one night, $135 for two and #153 for three. Careful attention is being paid to easy handicap access, with class events being held nearby, and vans furnished from hotels and to more distant campus locales. Everyone must be vaccinated, and the mask policy will be in accord with Yale’s guidelines in the time. Right now Yale is Yellow, somewhat relaxed – things might move toward Green (whoopee) or back to Orange (cautionary).

Program: we have a brilliant and energized reunion committee, headed by Dan Konigsberg with Tappy Wilder and Phil Moriarty (who informed me that he and his wife have attended EVERY reunion!). Tappy’s enthusiastic reunion announcement can be seen above.

At the March 3 coffee hour, Tappy quoted Jim Litvack’s rationale for the most important aspect of reunions: a chance to YAK with old and new friends. The food and drink will be plenteous and delicious, and the committee has planned an exceptionally interesting but not overwhelming schedule of events. What follows is the most recent iteration of the class schedule which does not include Yale-wide events.

Thursday at 4: “Classmates working in their 80s,” a discussion led by Sam Waterston, who as you know is currently starring in the revival of “Law and Order.” And we arrive in New Haven, the latest season of “Frankie and Grace” will be aired.
Friday at 1:30: A panel about Asia, moderated by Kent Hughes, David Scharff and Fred Starr
Friday at 3:30: A memorial service, held in the tent, led by Peter Sipple and Bill Nye
Friday at 5:00: Reception in the Susman area of the Art Gallery
Friday at 7:00: Dinner, followed by singing led by Biggie and Ann Moore (remember the 55th? No talent required!)
Saturday at 1:30 Professor of History David Blight will talk about his recent bio of Frederick Douglass
Saturday at 3:30 Professor of Economics Mathew Kotchen will acquaint us with the School of the Environment – The Yale We Never Knew”. In the most recent communications meeting it became clear that Yale today features many kinds of organizations and initiatives, as Dick Riseling said: “Led by the young”
Saturday at 4:30 President Salovey
Saturday at 7 Dinner, with our Special Guest, Yale Head Hockey Coach Keith Allain, followed by Finkle and Weeden, The Whiffs, and Joe Holmes and his great band.

There will be authors’ tables, discussing their books with classmates.

Please join us!


John Stewart (Secretary)

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1 comment to Reunion Update: March 11, 2022

  • George Snider

    It seems to me disingenuous to be promoting the ’62 Reunion at a point when New Haven hotels are sold out and have substantial waiting lists. A TD bedroom may be attractive for people coming singly — but less so for couples our age. When/where was hotel info when it was still available and/or embargoed by Yale until a specific date for reservations? And why no special accommodation for older classes whose members are capable of making substantial donations? ‘Tis a puzzlement.