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For those who weren’t at the May Zoom call with our Class, I’ll say a bit about my background. I’ve been researching nutrition and natural health extensively for 50 years, starting 5 years after starting my law practice in 1966. It seemed like a much more “common sense” way to approach health, as Linus Pauling asserted in an article in Science in 1968, rather than looking for a patented drug to suppress symptoms. As he put it, “Let’s find out what makes healthy people healthy.” I completed a Ph.D. except thesis on nutrition in 1986, and published the thesis some 20 years later when I finally found time. I’ve also litigated numerous cases involving medical issues, injuries caused by toxic chemicals, usually against corporations involved in their manufacture or use. Knowledge of nutrition necessarily causes one to run across vaccines because numerous nutrients enable us to fight infection, not only with antibodies, but also by bolstering the “innate” immune system which kills microbes on contact or soon after contact, well before antibodies are formed. Thus, antibodies are only part of our immune system. The innate immune system should not be neglected, nor how optimal nutrition enables us to form antibodies safely and effectively. Also, my son, who is now 34, was born a month prematurely, a high risk factor for injury from vaccines, so my wife and I began reading up on the subject.

On the subject of vaccines, my recommendations of reliable sources are influenced by their relative freedom from conflicts of interest and the quality of their research. I list here several of the many independent sources I highly recommend. The best sources have generally experienced censorship and attempts to silence, discredit, and ridicule them by mainstream media and medical authorities heavily funded or influenced by big pharma:

Peter McCullough, MD. Many years experience as internist and cardiologist. Vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor Univ Medical Center; also at Texas A&M. He has over 600 peer-reviewed publications in the medical literature.

His interview with Robt F Kennedy Jr: (Says 85% of deaths from COVID could have been prevented if CDC hadn’t discouraged doctors from initiating early treatment with effective treatments such as Ivermectin and dioxychloroquine, and others.)

McCullough’s testimony before Congress in 2020.

Vladimir Zelenko, MD (NYC doctor, re Zelenko protocol)

He claims 99% survival of his high-risk COVID patients using his protocol, which I contend should have been easy to find, afford, and apply for any doctor, except for the censorship and CDC’s active discouragement of early treatment, as McCullough points out.

He also strongly objects to coercive COVID vaccination for children at very low risk of serious infection from COVID.

Stephanie Seneff, PhD, MIT researcher on vaccines; also role of glyphosate in autism and inflammation;

Suzanne Humphries, MD, nephrologist, author of the book, Dissolving Illusions (2015). Provides an excellent history of vaccines going back to Jenner and the full story of the smallpox vaccines, the major decline in serious illness and death from measles, polio, diphtheria, and other diseases between 1900 and 1960 before most vaccines were introduced—due to primarily extensive public health measures, refrigeration, etc.

What is the basis for questioning the CDC’s credibility and objectivity? As Bobby Kennedy has shown on his website, and others have shown as well, the CDC receives about $4.9 billion a year to promote vaccines, and about $20 million a year to test for and promote safety of vaccines (0.4% of total), and it has other conflicts affecting its officials. Thus, promotion greatly outweighs safety and reflects an unacceptable conflict of interest that seriously compromises safety. The safety division should be completely separate from the CDC’s vaccine promotion division, similar to the National Traffic Safety Board, which is independent of agencies involved in transportation and able to be much more objective in investigating traffic safety accidents by air, road, or other. The FDA and WHO, which are both deeply involved with vaccines, also have major conflicts of interest which are allowed to affect their policies and actions.

Robert F Kennedy Jr, environmental attorney. See his website Children’s Health Defense, which publishes well-researched articles almost daily. Some of his conclusions will be hard for some to accept, but Kennedy has many years of experience fighting in the trenches over mercury in the environment, other environmental toxins, and mercury and other toxins in vaccines and their effects. He also can’t be bought.

Joseph Mercola, D.O., physician, who publishes a daily newsletter based upon well-documented published research from experienced researchers, scientists, and physicians.

Gary Goldman, PhD, former chief researcher for the CDC on the chicken pox vaccine (varicella). The CDC tried to stop him from publishing his findings that the chicken pox vaccine, though initially effective, was causing greater illness through shingles, with three times the cost of treatment.

Neil Z. Miller, author Vaccines, Are They Really Safe & Effective? (2002). Excellent short summary of the history of vaccines, mostly in the US.

Updated and revised 2008); and

Critical Vaccine Studies – Miller’s Review of 400 Important Scientific Papers Summarized for Parents and Researchers . (2016)

I didn’t have time to obtain these original studies, but I find Miller to be very careful in his research, statements and conclusions, and believe his summaries to be accurate.

Del Bigtree, former Emmy award winner as producer of “The Doctors” TV show for six years. Hosts one-hour video production, usually with interviews of key experts and public officials on vaccines weekly on Thursdays at The HighWire.

William Thompson, Ph.D., senior researcher at CDC and whistleblower on the illegal destruction by the CDC in 2002 of research data on the study he led showing a 3.4 relative risk of autism in black boys vaccinated with the MMR before the age of three, compared to those vaccinated after the age of three. In all boys the ratio was 2.5 relative risk, which is still high. The CDC study tried to explain away the 2.5 RR finding with an explanation that does not make sense.

Vaccines in first month of life and autism. I’m also attaching the first or one of the first studies by the CDC on vaccines and autism, showing a 7.6 relative risk of autism in babies vaccinated with vaccines containing mercury (and aluminum) in the first month of life compared to babies who were not vaccinated during this one month period. Of course the autism was not diagnosed until several years later when it normally fully manifests. The study was not published, although no good reason was given. Part of good, ethical science, is to publish findings, however the chips may fall.

Vitamins D and A. I’m including below some studies on the effectiveness of vitamins D and A in treating or preventing infections summarized in Neil Miller’s “400 Studies” book mentioned above.

Vitamin C. In moderately high levels, e.g. 500-1000 mg. per day, vitamin C can help prevent infection from viruses, bacteria, etc. Once infection sets in, it may take doses of 20 grams to 100 grams or more daily to bring the infection rapidly under control, including pneumonia and sepsis. The rationale from nature is that most animals produce their own vitamin C in their liver, and under stress may produce the equivalent of 10 to 100 or more grams of C per day for a human while recovering. YouTube videos by Tom Levy, MD, JD provide a very interesting explanation for how and why vitamin C is so effective and safe at the safe time.

Not Recommended Sources: Here is a list of sources that I would generally not recommend and that have been seriously compromised by the influence of big pharma’s money or other direct or indirect influence of money over their opinions, decisions, and behavior:

CDC, FDA, WHO, Wikipedia, Snopes, Google, Facebook, Twitter, the mainstream media, much of academia, mainstream medical organizations, medical journals, even much of academia, which sadly has been increasingly corporatized and has lost much of its academic freedom and integrity in recent decades. See attached article on New England Journal of Medicine and JAMA, showing very significant levels of authors of published studies admitting to withholding adverse data at the request of the funding company.

I look forward to the exchange of views with Dave Johnson and everyone’s responses.

Millers Review 400 Studies 311: Top Medical Journalists & Conflicts of Interest

Millers Review 400 Studies 305: Nature Govt-Funded Scientists Misconduct

Millers Review 400 Studies 248-281: Vitamins A, D Protect vs Infections

Verstraeten, Thomas M., MD. Thimerisol-containing Vaccines


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