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Yale 62

Peter E. Maxim

Peter E. MaximOctober 15, 1940 – July 14, 2023

Peter was born in Winchester, MA, and after preparing at Andover, followed his older brother John ’59 to Yale. He was an honors major in Zoology, He was on the Freshman soccer team, a member of the Freshman Glee Club and sang with the Bachelors for three years. In Branford he roomed with Jim Keaten. He stayed at Yale for his M.D. and finished a Ph.D. at Stanford.

(The following is his Seattle Times obituary) Peter moved to Bellevue to join the University of Washington’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, where he taught residents, saw patients, and did research on the brain. He approached psychotherapy eclectically, focusing incisively on the process, empathetically on the person. His patients’ comments about how he had helped them understand ways to evolve gratified him. He did not forget them.

His calm demeanor obscured astuteness and an ability to fire verbal rifle shots. He was happy in good times, forbearing and stoic in difficult ones. Peter always knew who he was and what he intended to do beyond his career. He owned various unusual pets and had a lifelong interest in birds and other animals, had adventures in Kenya and Madagascar, and later enthusiastically traveled often. He married Carolyn early on, had Preston, Lauren, and Evan, and continuously explored avocational options. He avidly designed, redesigned and gardened, served on Bellevue’s Parks Board and other civic committees, banded birds, sculpted marble, painted with pastels, read broadly, attended the ballet with gusto and the symphony with patience.

He loved his three children and then his daughters-in-law Patricia Lim and Amy Maxim and his son-in-law William Ketrenos, and his five grandchildren, Clara, Ethan, Brynn, Anna, and Emlyn.

Peerless, fascinating husband, understanding and wonderful father, warm friend, funny teller of tales, original — how we are grateful for, and miss, him.

— John Harger Stewart