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Past Yale ’62 Interviews

Yale ’62 Interview: Bob Breault

In late January, classmate Bob Breault, a most accomplished man of many hats, sat down with Y62 Communications Team member Bill Weber to warm up the season with some frank discussion about China and the U.S. The interview is chock-full of useful, interesting and possibly new understanding of our relationship with one another. Please enjoy!

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Yale ’62 Interview

This brand new Yale ’62 Interview features a chat between classmate Jack McCredie and Y62 Communications Team member Tim Hall and concerns the history of the famed Chautauqua program in Chautauqua, NY. Jack has attended, well, forever, and has served on its board. For more about Chautauqua, visit and for more about its full-year, online access to programs, visit CHQ Assembly. Please make any comments here


A New Y62 Couples Interview: Jill and David Scharff

Our tireless Class Secretary and Communications Team member John Stewart recently sat down with Jill and David Scharff to chat about their lives as psychotherapists and life partners. Enjoy this light-hearted, chatty exchange!

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Charles Valier and the St. Louis Police Commission

A couple of weeks back, Y62 Communications Team member Bill Weber sat down once again with classmate Charlie Valier — this time to talk about his work with the St. Louis Police Commission and the career gangsters against whom they struggled to clean up law enforcement in the late ’70s and early to mid-’80s. Please take a look at the interview, and remember to comment here.

Y62 Interview: Steve Lash

On December 13th, we had the great fortune to connect Class Secretary and Y62 Communications Team member John Stewart with Steve Lash for a discussion of Steve’s still ongoing time at Christie’s Auction House. He retired as Chairman, but still goes to work every day, and shares with us the reason. Enjoy this delightful conversation!

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Y62 Interview: “My Legislative Years”

Earlier this month, Y62 Communications Team member Bill Weber sat down with former Missouri legislator and classmate Charlie Valier to discuss some of the more memorable events during Charlie’s time in state government. This interview runs a bit longer than most of the ones we’ve offered, but the time goes quickly, and it’s filled with unique, entertaining moments. Enjoy!

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Our Second Couples Interview! Cindy & Dave Hummel

Classmate Dave Hummel and his lovely, talented wife Cindy have visited almost all of the countries in the world! In the interview above with Y62 Communications Team member Gary Richardson, they talk about their experiences. And at this link, we see some of Cindy’s magnificent photos from her latest trip to South Africa.

“One of Us” – an interview with Ed Rowan

(Ed. Note: Lifelong newsman Al Chambers recently sat down with author and psychiatrist Ed Rowan to discuss what became of fellow Y62 classmate Dirk Greineder, who was convicted in the murder of his wife, Mabel “Mae” Greineder, and who remains in prison in Massachusetts. Part of Dirk’s most unusual life is outlined in a chapter of Ed’s recent memoir, My First Eighty Years. Please watch the interview and read Ed’s additional comments, both of which are provided below.)

Notes Ed sent along to accompany the interview: “After Yale, medical school, and a psychiatric residency, my first “job” was with the Navy assigned to their maximum security prison in Portsmouth, NH. After a brief stint in college mental health (a very different population), I was back in forensic work, ultimately as medical director of the New Hampshire Department of Corrections. In that capacity, we developed the first sex offender treatment in the state. Back in the States, I wanted to do something different and just write.

“My first endeavor was to answer the question as to why the Boy Scouts of America downplayed the role of its first Chief Executive, so I researched and wrote a biography of him. One day, I saw an article in the Boston Globe about a doctor being tried for the murder of his wife. Since he was my age and a Yale graduate, I wondered if he were a classmate. Dirk Greineder was. The trial disclosed that he had been hiding a life of pornography and prostitutes, so I was intrigued. He was found guilty of first degree murder, and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. Since I knew about sex and murder, I arranged to meet with him in prison. He was not especially cooperative, and always said that the appeals process was still underway.

“After all his appeals were exhausted, I finally got access to the trial transcript. All my book proposals were rejected.
I’m not a lawyer, but I would have suggested a different defense strategy but one that Dirk would have rejected. He still claims that he is innocent, and his children could not accept the fact that their father would kill their mother.”

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Y62 Interview: Bob Stokstad

A few days back, Communications Team member Bill Weber was able to sit down with classmate Bob Stokstad. Because of the joyful, adventurous mix of science and outdoorsmanship in Bob’s life, Bill refers to him as “the Enrico Fermi of ’62.” Enjoy this lively chat!

Additionally, Bob sent us a few links to provide more information on a few of the topics covered in the interview.

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Y62 Interview: Breaux Castleman, Jack Merrick

Last week, Communications Team member Bill Weber had the good chance to sit down with classmates Breaux Castleman and Jack Merrick, both of whom have ties to the oil industry, to talk about the fossil fuels pricing we’ve seen over the past few months. Enjoy this enlightening talk!


Y62 Interview: Joe Holmes

Last week, John Stewart had the fun opportunity to sit down with the masterful musician Joe Holmes to talk about music in his life, and how it all began. Enjoy!


Y62 Interview: David Finkle

Last week, John Stewart sat down via Zoom with < strong>David Finkle to chat about what’s kept David busy recently, and it’s a potpourri of endeavors! Please enjoy this charming chat between two longtime friends.

For more about David, you’re invited to go to his website,, where you can hear an interview, read some of his stories and reviews, and even purchase a book or two, if you like.

Further, here’s that link to “Democracy, It’s the Best Thing Yet” – the latest Finkle and Weeden ode to our dear country.

Y62 Interview: Art Mann & The Hourglass Foundation

Last month, Y62 Communications Team member Bill Weber sat down with classmate Art Mann to chat about the remarkable community development initiative in which Art’s been involved for well over two decades. Please enjoy the interview.

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Y62 Interview: Phil Proctor’s Many Guises

On Friday, May 20, Y62 Class Secretary and Communications Team member John Stewart sat down with classmate and performer par excellence Phil Proctor for a fun chat covering several topics, including aging with humor and the joys of a performer’s life. We laughed a lot, and commiserated on some parts, too. Phil says, “I forgot to mention my talented classmate friends, Bill Weeden and David Finkle, who should definitely receive mention, as well,” and so we have mentioned Bill and David on Phil’s behalf. Please enjoy the interview.

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Y62 Interview: Stumbling Stablecoin! The Moving Target of Cryptocurrency

(Ed. Note: Bill and Whit did this interview late last week, but we wanted to post this as quickly as we could because the Crypto situation is changing so dramatically hour by hour and now has become a major part of the concern about the investment economy and the losses of both small and large investors. That is true even though, as Whit said well, Crypto is a tiny part of the investment world valuation.)

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Preparing for our upcoming ‘First Thursday’ Coffee Hour
Doug Bingham, one of our Coffee Hour speakers. A brief interview.

Just as we did with classmate Jim Wechsler last week (found farther down on this page), Communications Team member Dick Riseling sat down on Earth Day to get to know geophysicist classmate Doug Bingham, who lives in Edmonton, Alberta. These talks aren’t to introduce the topic we’ll address on Thursday, but to get to know the speakers a little bit, beforehand. We hope you enjoy this conversation between two engaging people.

Eli Newberger, Our Y62 Interview

Recently, Class Secretary and Communications Team member John Stewart sat down with Eli Newberger via Zoom, to engage in a far-reaching, engrossing interview and chat between longtime friends. From graduation to now, we learn what’s kept Eli busy and how he’s helped to make the world a better place. We hope you enjoy the interview. Click here or on the image below to view the interview and for more, including a wonderful invitation and some fabulous music!

Meet a ‘First Thursday’ Coffee Hour Speaker

Our May Coffee Hour will be a deep dive into Climate and Environmental Concerns. We’ve invited speaker classmates who have investigated this issue for some time, and who have impactful information to share with us. In this 11-minute interview, Y62 Communication Team member Dick Riseling speaks with biophysics major Jim Wechsler, whose career in microbiology has helped to shape his point of view on this topic. This interview introduces Jim to classmates who perhaps didn’t know him as an undergraduate. Enjoy this brief chat!

3/25/22 with updated info 4/11/22
Yale ’62 Interview: Tom Noonan

On March 24, Communication Team member Bill Weber sat down with classmate Tom Noonan, for a chat about Tom’s change of plans following our graduation, how he came to spend some time announcing NFL games, and much more. Please enjoy this fun interview!

Tom has expanded his explanation of his football announcing experience here. You can leave comments, too. Please read the update, and add your comments.

A Life of Music
A Y62 Interview with Pulitzer Prize winner, classmate Lewis Spratlan

In mid-December, Lew Spratlan sat down to chat, via Zoom, with Class Secretary and longtime friend John Stewart. Their conversation is below. Please enjoy.

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And Now, for Something Completely Different

For some very silly holiday viewing pleasure, we approached classmate Bill Weeden, who chats in our recording above with Y62 Communication Team member Bill Weber about his long and varied career in the entertainment industry. There’s also a surprise ending to the chat, involving his movie, Psycho Ape. Enjoy!

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Y62 Interviews: Benjamin Zucker

A few weeks back, Communications Team member Bill Weber sat down for a lively, far-ranging chat with classmate Benjamin, Ben or Bernie Zucker, about a variety of events which have helped to shape his life. We hope you enjoy this recording as much as we do!

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Y62 Interviews Continue: Ellery McLanahan

Ed. Note: Greetings from Dick Riseling, member of the Yale62 Communications Team. Take a few minutes out of your busy day to watch this video interview with classmate Ellery McLanahan, recorded two weeks ago.

Ellery shares some highlights from his long career in the financial sector, and tells us about a new passion of his. Click here to read one of his new pieces of writing, and to comment on the interview, as well.

An Interview with a Y62 Spouse: Hala Buck
Bridge Between Worlds
Last week, Communications Team member Dick Riseling sat down with Hala Buck, wife of Communications Team member Steve Buck, via Zoom, to discuss her memoir, Bridge Between Worlds. In this highly entertaining, lovely chat, the two of them discuss a wide range of topics, always returning to the lessons of our lives.

We invite other classmates to nominate their own spouses for this very special new initiative and share a window into their lives with all of our class. We look forward to hearing from you!

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About This Work
By Steve Rose

Text, paintings, a studio tour and an interview.

So painting, no matter the level on which one is working, is first of all a hobby.
We all become draftsmen of a sort as soon as we start learning… READ STEVE’S WORDS, VIEW THE PAINTINGS and STUDIO, and WATCH THE INTERVIEW

Y62 Interviews: A View Toward the Future

(Ed Note: Kent Hughes is one of Yale62’s most experienced hands on U.S. domestic and foreign policy and Beltway politics, as well as a moderator of our Coffee Hour monthly meetings. Kent and Communications Team member Dick Riseling sat down virtually just a few days ago to discuss the early days and challenges President Biden is facing and some of what may be expected.)

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