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Yale 62

“Our Dream”

By Lee V. Bakunin ’62 YC Silliman

If you want it, you might get it
And now you’ve got it…
But what do you have?
It’s yours and no one else’s

To throw away or love.

If you got it… you got it;
Don’t worry about it!
If you don’t like it,
You can change it.

And when you go,
You can take it or leave it.

Own it if it’s yours,
You can see it, touch it, feel it.
You make it come alive.
And what a pity if you don’t want it.



Note: When I wrote this poem, I was trying to recall the poem of our 1962 Yale Class Day Poet, Ed Freeman, who was tragically killed in an airplane crash five months after graduation.

Ed was gifted and unique, though I had never interacted with him during my 4 years. Except maybe once or twice with others who knew him or in the Silliman dining hall or common rooms.

His poem had an effect on me that I would remember its message to trust in my dreams and make each day count. The line “If you got it, you got it” is his as well as probably other lines.

Therefore, I apologize and acknowledge to the reader that I cannot take credit for this poem. It belongs to Ed.

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