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Yale 62

One Photographer’s View pg. 4
a series of photographs and comments on them by Gary Richardson

Cutting Through
Idaho Farm & Ranch Museum
Jerome, ID, 2005

“Cutting Through” was abstracted from a machine — some type of saw — at the Idaho Farm and Ranch Museum outside Jerome, Idaho. I was fascinated by the textures of galvanized and rusted metals suggesting sun and moon — a strange mandala.

Nuestra Señora de la Muerte
Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Mexico City, 2008

Thousands of the faithful come to her basilica in Mexico City to pay homage to the Virgin of Guadalupe every day.
Her famous painting hangs behind the altar.

Also down behind the altar runs a moving sidewalk conveying hundreds of the faithful along beneath the painting where they may gaze upward for a few seconds to view it.

I adjusted the perspective of my shot from the moving walkway. Then, for a Day-of-the-Dead celebration, I took the liberty to convert the Virgin of Guadalupe into Our Lady of Death.


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3 comments to One Photographer’s View p4

  • James Kelly

    Outstanding! Years ago when Photoshop came along I gave up working in large format B&W photography. In the new age one could do in minutes what it took hours in the darkroom to not even come close to doing. Looks like I tossed in the towel too early as Gary’s images have far exceeded anything I had dreamed of. Great work!

  • Thanks, Jim,
    Both the digital software (I use Corel’s PaintShopPro) and cameras (I’ve been hooked on the Panasonic LUMIX DCS series for the past decade or so) enable image-magic that was virtually impossible in the old days. But, those days figuring out f-stops, ISOs, and hours in the darkroom surely helped us understand what the new technologies are capable of.

  • Ah yes! Photography sure has changed. I got to be photo chairman for our Yale Banner and yearbook way back when. That meant that mostly I just got to pass out assignments … and then had to clean up the darkroom after the assignees had left the place littered with spilled chemicals and failed images.