Yale '62 - Obituaries - Sidney B. B. Wood III

Sidney B. B. Wood III

Born: March 6, 1939
Died: March 18, 1961

Sid Wood was born in New York City and prepared for Yale at the Browning School in New York City. He entered with the Class of 1961 in September 1957 but affiliated with our Class. Sid was a star member of the Yale Tennis Team. Sid, a member of Branford College, was killed in an automobile accident on March 18, 1961, outside of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Also killed in the same accident was T. Craig Joyner, captain of the Yale Tennis Team, Class of 1961. 1962 classmate Stu Ludlum was also injured in the crash. The tennis players were on their way to Florida where the Yale Tennis Team was to open the season with a match against the University of Miami. At the time, Sid was the number one player on the team.

Sid came from a famous tennis family: his father was Wimbledon Champion in 1931 and a finalist at Forest Hill in 1935. In honor of Sid Wood and T. Craig Joyner, a Memorial Fund Scholarship was created at Yale to provide a revolving loan fund to assist students with tuition costs.

As his teammates and classmates observed, Sid was not only an athlete and a lover of his sport but a man of comprehensive interests and warm, wide enthusiasm. The range of his devotion was a rich experience for all associated with him. His tragic and untimely death was a shock to many of us in those long ago undergraduate days.