Yale '62 - Obituaries - J. Randall Miller

J. Randall Miller

Born: March 31, 1941
Died: March 15, 1995

Randy Miller was born in Chicago. He came to Yale in September 1958 from Evanston, Illinois. He was a graduate of New Trier High School. He lived in Vanderbilt and roomed with Herman Pettegrove, Rick Rosen and Jim Wechsler. He was assigned to be a member of Pierson College.

Randy played Freshman football. Classmate Steve Rose, who provided the information for this obit after contact with Randy's family, was a teammate, often shared morning coffee and donuts with him in the Durfee snack bar and recalls his good humor. "Randy was a wonderful guy, known on the Freshman football fields more for his light-hearted disposition than fierce play. I remember him chuckling as we pushed him around. It was as though he had discovered some delightful form of relaxation, which was now the most important thing."

Randy did not return after freshman year but transferred to Northwestern University in Evanston. He studied straight through the summers and graduated with a B.S. in 1961 at the age of 20. His father, president of Northwestern at the time, was a physician, and Randy, following in his footsteps, obtained his M.D. degree from Northwestern in 1968. He served in the Air Force stateside and was a Captain at the time of his release from active duty.

Randy subsequently relocated to San Diego where he practiced medicine for 22 years. A board certified allergist and immunologist, he specialized in working with children and belonged to numerous professional and medical organizations.

Randy's death from cardiac arrest came just a short time after he was diagnosed with heart problems. He had taken time off from work and was awaiting corrective surgery at home in Chula Vista, a San Diego suburb. He was survived by his second wife Catherine Ann; two daughters from his first marriage, Katherine and Kimberly; his two sisters, Roxelyn and Jacquelyn; and his mother, Bernice Miller of Barrington, Illinois.