Yale '62 - Obituaries - John H. Mann

Dr. John H. Mann

Born: February 14, 1940
Died: January 20, 1995

John was born in New York City and came to Yale from Mountain Lakes (New Jersey) High School. He was an Architecture major and a member of Berkeley College, Dwight Hall and Yale Aides. He worked at the Yale Rehabilitation Center and was its chairman senior year.

John followed up his undergraduate interest in medicine, obtaining his M.D. from the University of Maryland in 1966 and completed psychiatry training at Emory in Atlanta in 1970. He then served in the Navy, stationed as a doctor at the Jacksonville Naval Base Hospital, where he focused his career commitment on adolescent psychiatry, inspired, his daughter Whitney Mann Lea believes, by the plight of many young sailors returning from Viet Nam with drug problems.

After his Naval service, he served as Assistant Medical Director, Chief Children and Adolescent Services, Medfield Center in Largo, Florida 1972-1986 and then entered private practice in the field of Adolescent Psychiatry in Tampa. He was chairman of the Bay Area Yale Club Association from 1974-1982.

John subsequently was the Chief of Staff and Medical Director for the Charter Hospital of Tampa Bay. He also served as President of the Florida Adolescent Psychiatric Association.

John's hobbies included building detailed scale model Victorian dollhouses for his daughter and his mother, and restoring old homes. He rebuilt and restored several houses in Tampa, where he resided until his death from heart disease.

Although divorced from his wife Patricia in 1984, they remained friendly, working together to raise the two children who survived him: son Leighton Mann, a landscape architect in Michigan, and daughter Whitney, an urban planner and geographer, who is a mother of three, now residing in Atlanta. Whitney remember him as "a wonderful father," whose many professional achievements and honors, about which he had never spoken, she only discovered after his death.