Yale '62 - Obituaries - Stuart D. Ludlum, Jr.

Stuart D. Ludlum, Jr.

Born: May 23, 1940
Died: March 3, 1983

Stu Ludlum was born in New York City and prepared for Yale at The Hill School, Pottstown, Pennsylvania. An avid and proficient athlete, Stu was a member of the Ivy League championship basketball team at Yale in 1962 and won the Yale Basketball Senior Award. He was also on the varsity tennis team and a member of Deke and Scroll and Key. Stu was a member of Silliman College.

After graduation, Stu attended Harvard Law School where he graduated in 1965. During summers he served as a tennis instructor. He was also in the United States Marine Corps Reserve PLC Program.

After admission to the New York State Bar in October 1965, Stu worked in New York and Washington for the law firm of Casey, Lane & Mittendorf where he achieved broad experience in administrative law, legislation and corporate law. In 1971 he joined Greyhound Equipment Finance Company, Ltd., a banking subsidiary of Greyhound, and moved to London to handle legal matters for the company. He married the former Susan Anastasion in January 1971 and they had three children: Robert Stuart born in 1974, Nicholas born in 1977 and Susannah born in 1979.

In London, Stu continued his active tennis involvement. He was a member of the Hurlinghan Club where he won singles, doubles and mixed doubles Club championships and the Queen's Club where he won the British Doubles championships and the Club championship. An award was created by his friends at the Queen's Club in London to be awarded annually to two deserving junior tennis players. In New York he maintained his club affiliations with the Yale Club, International Lawn Tennis Club, Westside Tennis Club and Bronxsville Field Club. He also served as Vice President and General Counsel of Sports Investors, Inc., and as Executive Director of the National Junior Tennis League.

In London Stu took an active interest in youngsters and in youth sports. He coached Little League baseball and devoted Saturday mornings to touch football, soccer and baseball with the children.

Stu died of a heart attack while jogging at the Queen's Club in London. He was a Director and General Counsel of Greyhound when he died March 3, 1983 at the age of 42. After his death, Susan and their three children continued to reside in London.

After his death, classmates Bill Madden and Bob Hull, Gene Scott of the Class of 1961 and many other friends established at Yale the Stuart D. Ludlum, Jr. Memorial, to be awarded annually to a member of the varsity tennis team, not necessarily the best player, but the player who did his best and tried the hardest and contributed most to the team.