John Edmund Lund II

Born: March 29, 1940
Died: March 2, 2006

John E. Lund was born in Topeka, Kansas, son of John Edmund and Reta Roth Lund. He prepared for Yale at Topeka High School.

Jack was a resident of Timothy Dwight where he was on the Social Activities Committee and in the TD Dramat. He was also a four year member of the Yale Political Union. Jack majored in history and was on Dean's List in 1961. He was a scholarship recipient.

After Yale he attended Columbia Law School but did not complete his studies and never further pursued a career in the law. Classmate Ken Cascone remembers Jack at Columbia as being more interested in the commodities markets than in the law. "He was a nice guy, likable and enjoyed the parties but was always sort of on the fringes," Cascone recalls.

Jack then returned to Kansas where he started his own firm, Lund & Company, as a crop insurance adjuster. He initially conducted this business in Topeka but relocated to Larned, Kansas, where he maintained a long time residence. Jack worked with various crop insurance agencies, including an extended period when he represented the Hartford Insurance Company. Prior to his death, Jack moved to Garden City, Kansas where he worked for the Knoll Agency.

Jack never married. His parents predeceased him and he left no known survivors.

While he was in New York John was a member of St. Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church; he continued this membership until his death. In Larned he attended an Episcopal Church and became acquainted with Rev. James Graner. Rev. Graner writes, "I became acquainted with him years ago but because he traveled frequently, I had not seen John for months before he died and he left me no instructions or papers. He died intestate, and I became involved as he left my name as contact in emergencies, I guess because I am a priest."

He became noticeably ill in February and died of respiratory failure on March 2, 2006, at St. Catharine Hospital. Rev. Graner made the funeral arrangements at Garnand Funeral Home in Garden City. He was to be buried in Alma, Kansas where his parents are interred and a plot remains for him.