Yale '62 - Obituaries - Burton C. Gray

Burton C. Gray

Born: April 1, 1941
Died: October 27, 1989

Burton was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and prepared at Exeter. His father Gordon Gray was Yale Law School class of 1933. Burton was a philosophy major and a member of Calhoun. He was on the Freshman crew and a member of Calliopean.

He resided in McLean, Virginia, at the time of his death. He was a noted economist, businessman and conservative political theorist. He founded Scientific Time Sharing Corp., a computer software firm in the Washington area and was also chairman of the Executive Committee of Summit Communications, Inc., an Atlanta based radio and cable television company with operations in North Carolina, New York City and Chicago.

Burton was a board member of the Reason Foundation and the Philadelphia Society. He was a founder of the Federalist Society and active in the Libertarian Party.

His first marriage to Ann Gray ended in divorce. He was survived by Deecy Stephens Gray; two sons, Burton, Jr., and Hunter; and a daughter, Jane H. Gray, all of Great Falls, Virginia. He also left three brothers, attorney C. Boyden Gray of Washington, Bernard Gray of Atlanta, and Gordon Gray of New York City; and his stepmother Mrs. Gordon Gray of Washington. He died of a heart attack at his brother Bernard's home in Atlanta.