Yale '62 - Obituaries - George Preston Dieter

George Preston Dieter

Born: December 2, 1940
Died: March 3, 1998

Preston came to Yale from Glendale, California, where he attended Herbert Hoover High School. He was a member of Davenport College. Preston was a Chemistry major at Yale. After 3 years, he left to take time off. Subsequently, he obtained his B.A. degree in business management from St. Mary's College in Moraga, California.

Preston began his professional career as an engineer for Aerojet General Corporation. He then enjoyed a career in computer systems with a few employers, and at his death was an employee of Safeway computer division.

He was married to Frances Hurley Dieter for 31 years. His widow writes:

"Some men spend themselves trying to attain financial success, climbing the corporate ladder or achieving notoriety in careers. Preston Dieter set a different goal for himself: to be a living, loving presence in the lives of his wife and children. He was a very real and integral part of each of their life adventures. He truly loved and was loved."

"Preston completed three years at Yale, and he often related to his family his cherished times there. With his family he visited Yale and proudly showed off various haunts and shared experiences of his fond Yale days."

"He was a kind, gentle man, whose focus in life was his wife, family, friends, and his Catholic faith."

Preston died suddenly on March 3, 1998, two weeks after diagnosis and surgery for pancreatic cancer. He was the proud father of Kevin (a Stanford grad), Kerrin (a University of California Davis grad) and Brian (a University of California Santa Barbara grad). He also left his daughter-in-law, Sun Dieter, and Kerrin's husband David Nuti. He was also survived by his grandson, John Dieter.