Yale '62 - Obituaries - Robert H. Chetty

Robert H. Chetty

Born: September 4, 1938
Died: February 6, 2000

Bob was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts and prepared for Yale at Kimball Union and Deerfield Academy. A member of Saybrook College, Bob was an Electrical Engineering major and on the Dean's List.

After graduation, Bob obtained his Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University and his M.B.A. from Southern Methodist University.

During his work life Bob had a variety of positions. He was with Computer Systems Engineering (Military) division of General Telephone for 3 years; Xerox Corp., for 14 years; Simplex Time Recorder Co., for 4 years; President of ARCY Associates (management consultants) for 3 years; and also with Sylvania and DSR in Cambridge, Mass. In 1987 Bob was Vice President, System Development for SMART HOUSE Venture, National Association of Home Builders.

Bob was married and divorced twice. At the time of his death, he was survived by his son Robert H. Jr., of Charlotte, North Carolina; his daughter Karen Chetty of Sunapee, New Hampshire; his step-daughter Leigh, an attorney in Philadelphia; his sister Cynthia McRae of Fremont, New Hampshire; and a grandchild, Robert's son, Robert A. Chetty.

Illness forced Bob's retirement in 1989, and he moved to Nashua, New Hampshire and then Merrimack, New Hampshire where he was residing at the time of his death due to lung cancer.

Bob's son, Robert, remembers that his father always kept Yale close to his heart, went to every Yale-Harvard football game even during his final years of illness, and took the whole family to our 25th Reunion. Bob was also a committed golfer and a tough competitor who was easily able to beat Robert even the last time they could play together at the time of his wedding.

In our 25th Reunion Class Book Bob wrote:

"Yale and my prep school background are largely responsible for the directions of my life. I have 'taken the road less traveled by' in both personal and business pursuits, normally with a commitment to overkill 7 days a week, and allowing 4 hours a night for sleep. In short, I am an over-committed, compulsive workaholic at both family and career. Some day I expect to devote the same energy to play and relaxation. For now, I am happy and involved. I take great pride in my relationship with Yale, both for the memories and its excellence. ... "

"My greatest blessing is my family. ... This is the bottom line of my life, and my greatest satisfaction..."

These words, Bob's son said, expressed the essence of his father's spirit.