Yale '62 - Obituaries - Roscoe W. Browne

Roscoe W. Browne

Born: May 1, 1939
Died: June 5, 1985

Roscoe was born in Louisville, Kentucky and prepared for Yale at Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts where he graduated in 1957. He originally began in September 1957 at Yale with the Class of 1961 but affiliated with our class and graduated in June 1962. He was a member of Calhoun College. He was a French major, a member of the Dramat, in the Apollo Glee Club and the Yale Glee Club.

Roscoe joined the United States Navy and served in Intelligence, rising to the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade. He served as Air Intelligence Officer on the Carriers USS Saratoga and USS Ranger.

After discharge from the Navy, Roscoe lived in San Francisco and worked briefly with Western Airlines. He then went to work for Pan Am and moved in 1968 to Sydney, Australia to be with the Pan Am South Pacific operations. He remained in Australia, rising to become Director of Sales and Promotions for Pan Am.

Roscoe died June 5, 1985, at the age of 46 while visiting in Louisville, Kentucky, where his mother still resides.

Roscoe was an ardent runner, participating in the New York Marathon on two occasions and running in the Hawaiian Marathon as well as in numerous marathons in Sydney, Australia.