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Yale 62

YAM Notes: November/December 2019

By Richard L. Riseling, for the Communications Team

Anniversary celebration: Our esteemed secretary John Stewart and Jolly, his lovely bride of 45 years, celebrated their loving, longtime commitment to each other with a fine dinner in New York City this August. Congratulations!

Charles Eisendrath worked for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Baltimore Evening Sun before joining Time magazine as correspondent in Washington, London, and Buenos Aires, where he was bureau chief for Hispanic South America. He had a long and distinguished career at the University of Michigan where he founded the Wallace House, home of the Livingston and Knight-Wallace journalism awards. Charles sends the following about his recently published book, Downstream From Here: A Big Life in a Small Place. “It is a compilation of stories of how a ‘second home’—in this case a cherry orchard in northern Michigan, touched by five generations of my family—relates to everything in my life: wars, Yale, marriage, inventions, academe, a plane crash. It’s a refuge surrounded by memories and a place that always suggests engaging things to do that are completely superfluous—except for putting joy in the soul.” Available in book stores and Amazon, its reviews are pretty spectacular. Tom Brokaw calls it “lyrical,” Jeff Daniels finds it “inspiring,” Christiane Amanpour “gives it five stars,” Ken Auletta says “It mesmerizes us,” and Richard Ford calls him an “amiable Virgil” (!). Many in ’62 will find stories in Downstream that resonate.

Lew Spratlan wrote to us this summer: “I’m just back home in New Jersey following a brilliant performance of ‘Travels’ by the men’s chorus of Carmel Bach Festival on July 21 in California. Full house, standing ovation, and the sumptuous beauties of Carmel.” He also mentions the Harvard Glee Club presentation of multiple performances of his composition, New England Concordance. The first part is based on a poem by Louisa May Alcott called “Thoreau’s Flute,” which is an elegy to the great transcendentalist who emphasized celebration of nature. The second part is drawn from a sacred harp hymn that continues in the same vein. It was commercially recorded this spring. Classmates may also want to listen to “Charlottesville: Summer of 2017.” Scored for instrumental sextet, the piece is a fierce outcry about the carnage that symbolizes our current national crises.

From Steve Buck: “This summer Hala and I flew to Sibiu, Romania, a beautiful UNESCO world heritage city, for ICASSI (International Committee of Adlerian Summer Schools and Institutes, Hala gave an all-day course titled Cross-Cultural Art Therapy: Understanding Self to Understand ‘the Other.’ I created a men’s group, ten men from eight different countries who had never met before but who were able, by pairing off, to have deep conversations about their lives and challenges.” More coverage of Steve and Hala’s experience is on our website,

Dave and Cindy Hummel are closing in on their goal of visiting every nation recognized by the United Nations, following their 14-day trip to Africa this past August. Along with nine other travelers and two driver/guides, they visited Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi. All three countries belong to the poorest 20 in the world. They report that, although the equator runs through Uganda, the high elevations of 6,000 feet plus (up to the highest point of 17,000 feet on the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo) made for comfortable temperatures during the day.

A highlight was visiting one of the sources of the Nile River in Murchison National Park in Uganda. They saw a wonderful assortment of African wildlife: elephants, giraffes, hippos, rhinos, lions, various antelopes, hyenas, warthogs, cape buffalo, a crocodile, monkeys, and colorful birds.

Cindy reported: “As we’ve seen in other parts of Africa, all of the construction is being done by the Chinese. Their payment is access to the large variety of natural resources. All three countries are run by long-term dictators, which enhances the impoverished status of the citizens.” More information about this trip and many Hummel photos can be found on

Dick Riseling and Sonja Hedlund are transitioning their organic, wind- and sun-powered farm in the beautiful Sullivan County, New York Catskill Mountains to a farm village, where several 2- to 12-acre farm plots will be available for both new farmers and those with experience who wish to perfect their skills with the assistance of local food producer mentors for local and regional sale. There will be very low yearly lease agreements on the land parcels devoted to food production. Housing is available on-site and equipment is already available on a shared basis. This incubator farmer training center has extensive ties to the local community and is located on a hill outside the village of Callicoon Center, New York. They invite you to share this opportunity with anyone. Of course, women are welcome. Over 100 female farm apprentices have worked and learned at Apple Pond Farm and Renewable Energy Educational Center. Extensive information and pictures are available at their website. They can be contacted at or Phone: (845) 482-4764.

Jonathan Ater reports that his law firm, “consistently ranked among the best law firms in the Northwest,” will merge with another firm, Buchalter, which has “a strong commitment to diversity and community service.” Buchalter has invited Jonathan to connect to the firm as a partner emeritus.

In late August, Bob and Barb Oliver met in picturesque Rockport, Maine, with our webmaster and communications team member Jean McKillop for an enjoyable lunch and some sharing of ideas and stories about their ongoing work on behalf of our class.

It has been a pleasure to communicate with those who have shared their events with us, for posting in this column and on our website. The Yale ’62 communications team (Chris Snow, Steve Buck, and Dick Riseling) encourages all classmates to send portraits, ideas, comments, stories, and pictures, which we will gladly share with Yale ’62. Email us at

Please check for new material from Norm Jackson, Bill Stork, Dave and Cindy Hummel, and news from many more. We’ve included personal interviews where we could, and lots of photos.

Sadly, we report the passing of Pete (Archibald R.Dunning III. We will post his obituary on in due course.