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Norm Jackson, Down Under

As we mentioned in our YAM notes of July/August ’19, Norm moved to Freemantle, Australia eight years ago. He enjoys winters that never go below 50° F, good food and wine, and taking photos in its brilliant light. He has now, as promised, sent us some of his sumptuous images to share with us all here on our website. He also volunteers as a photographer and advisor to Reconciliation Western Australia, an organization that promotes better understanding between First Australians and later immigrants like himself.

Please enjoy these wonderful photos, and if you feel inspired to do so, leave us all a comment at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

I live southwest of Perth, the capital of Western Australia incidentally the most isolated capital city in the world), here seen from Kings Park, a wonderful botanical garden on a hill. Some call it ‘an overgrown little bush town.’

I live in East Fremantle, a couple of kilometres (1 mile) from Fremantle, a working port on the southwest coast of Australia. Wonderful little town, population of ±35,000 souls, with just enough ‘buzz’ to be interesting, lots of space to be calm and easy going. Above is the port at dawn.

Situated on the Indian Ocean, Fremantle has magnificent sunsets. Here’s one from just across the road from my house.

My favourite place in Aus is Uluru, the heart of the nation/continent. Formerly (unfortunately) known as ‘Ayers Rock’, it’s an overwhelmingly spiritual place, a centre of power that First People know best, but we all can learn.

My favourite place around Uluru, the Kapi Mutujulu waterhole, home of many spirits.


2 comments to Norm Jackson, Down Under

  • Norm Jackson

    I’m in no way “extraordinary”, I just like making some decent images, but thanks for your laudatory words…
    Australia’s an amazing place: beautiful, rugged, harsh, blessed with beautiful and terrifying light..
    Just had lunch today at a wonderful little Nepalese restaurant a 20-minute bus ride away — THAT was “extraordinary”….

  • Steve Rose

    Best wishes and many thanks again, Norm, for Paris help.
    Nice pics and thoughts.
    Please send e-address,