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Yale 62

Neil David Kornsweig

Died June 23, 2014.

Born to Isadore and Sadie Kornzweig, Neil D. Kornzwieg matriculating from Meyers High School in Wilkes-Barre, PA and Southside High School in Rockville Center, and became a member of Saybrook.  There he roomed with J. Paul Johnson.

Neil was an Honors major in Culture and Behavior.  Fred Ilfeld, a fellow member of that 12-person major, remembers that his warmth and accepting nature were most appreciated, making for easy and comfortable relationship… his intellectual curiosity shown through in our many small seminar experiences.” “…Neil was always excited about the interdisciplinary approach to human behavior and society… that major was a major highlight of our Yale experience.”

As part of his studies, Neil became involved with the Middletown Hospital Program. The major and program confirmed his interest in Psychology and he went on to receive his PhD from Yale in Psychology in 1967.

In our 40th Classbook, he wrote that “tired of cold weather, we moved to Reedley, CA” where he served from 1971-9 as Chief Psychologist at Kings View Hospital. He then settled into private practice and part-time teaching in Fresno, CA. In the same Classbook Neil wrote, ”enjoying private practice of clinical psychology, marriage and child counseling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in Fresno.”

Before embarking on his PhD studies, he married Sheila and together they produced a daughter Joli and son Jordon.  In the 25th Classbook he wrote: “What a kick I get out of watching growth, development and change around me.” But he also noted that, with regards to his children 19 and 16, “I’ve learned to empathize with what my parents must have gone through in ‘letting go’ of me.”

Our belated sympathy is extended to his wife and family.


— John D. Hatch III