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Comments on the Bill McGlashan, Sr. Interview

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2 comments to Comments on the Bill McGlashan, Sr. Interview

  • Mary Wurtz

    Bill, this was an excellent interview. You are handling this very well. It is certainly a learning lesson for everyone.
    Very important not to just pass over and jump back into life without evaluating everything.
    Thanks again Bill. Please keep us posted.
    I hope you and Christney visit us very soon..

    Best, Don and Mary Wurtz

  • Bill McCormick

    Great to have the chance to once again listen to Bill. He was one of my favorites in our class and sure a better physics student than me! The scandal will be dealt with and pass; the lessons are timeless. Admissions policies and practices no doubt can be improved re fairness as Bill points out, and cheating should always carry a heavy price. Of course, money for privilege is not new; one only has to remember the Vanderbuilt Suite on Yale’s Old Campus! Full support for Bill and Christney, and time to reverse Citizen’s United.