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Comments on the Bill McGlashan, Sr. Interview

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3 comments to Comments on the Bill McGlashan, Sr. Interview

  • Mary Wurtz

    Bill, this was an excellent interview. You are handling this very well. It is certainly a learning lesson for everyone.
    Very important not to just pass over and jump back into life without evaluating everything.
    Thanks again Bill. Please keep us posted.
    I hope you and Christney visit us very soon..

    Best, Don and Mary Wurtz

  • Bill McCormick

    Great to have the chance to once again listen to Bill. He was one of my favorites in our class and sure a better physics student than me! The scandal will be dealt with and pass; the lessons are timeless. Admissions policies and practices no doubt can be improved re fairness as Bill points out, and cheating should always carry a heavy price. Of course, money for privilege is not new; one only has to remember the Vanderbuilt Suite on Yale’s Old Campus! Full support for Bill and Christney, and time to reverse Citizen’s United.

    • Paula Finch

      Bill, Have you read the same wire tap transcripts as the rest of us? Do you have any comment on your grandson cheating on the ACT? Is it really possibly that all of these other parents are guilty but your son is not? Have you not seen this pattern before? Time for you and son Bill to embrace Lux et Veritas.