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Comments on The May Coffee Hour Surprise

Please make any comments you may have about the May 6 Coffee Hour below. Thanks.

3 comments to The May Coffee Hour Surprise

  • James M Kelly

    Earl Staelin’s remarks are well stated, but singularly didn’t address the medical reality of a worldwide pandemic. His points about nutrition are in many instances agreed upon, but not as a primary approach to a major global lethal viral infection. Without well-documented and agreed upon evidence of efficacy it would be political malpractice for a government to embark on a campaign to get people to relay on a such a treatment. If nutritional improvement in the population could help prevent ” the next pandemic”, perhaps now would be the time for our country to start working on the project. The place to start would be by ending food insecurity in America, providing the financial means and nearby quality food sources, as well as education in good food choice and preparation, to populations that have long been unable to access them. This would be much better than providing he pharmaceutical preparations that are among the products of the industry which was blamed for it’s perversion of the media.


    I whole-heartedly share Earl Staelin’s approach to one’s personal dealing with the COVOID-19 pandemic through nutritional health. Mention was made, I believe, during the discussion that Earl might provide those nutritional guidelines which he has developed and followed over the years as a sequel to the coffee hour discussion. That would be great if possible and if not through this website, perhaps pointing one to anything which he may have published himself on the subject.

  • Richard John Howard

    In response to classmates asking for more information about vitamins and their efficacy in treating or preventing disease and additives to vaccines (an issue that also arose), I have prepared some information about each. They are summaries of published articles. I also give the URL where the full article can be read. How can I get them posted on the website so that others can read them?

    Good scientific studies about nutrition are extremely difficult to do because of all the variables that go into determining health and disease.

    Vaccines and Additives
    Vitamins and Disease