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Yale 62

YAM Notes: March/April 2024

By John D. Hatch, III for the Communications Team.

It must be winter! Avid Yale hockey fans Bob Oliver and Jim Killelea, joined by Bill Rees ’56, made it to a winning home game against Merrimack College at the Yale Whale in December, and plans are afoot for more outings to subsequent games. By the time you read this, I hope they have been able to take in many more winning games.

And further on ‘62 seasonal engagements:  Christmas Eve in Plainfield, MA, David C. Honneus and wife Susan (Skidmore ’62) and David Fobes and wife Ursala attended the candlelight service at the Plainfield Congregational Church. David Honneus shares what was unusual about that: “What makes this particular service fit into the unique category is that both ‘62ers read bible passages during the service of Lessons and Carols!  Probably the only service this Christmas season in which two members of ’62 acted as lectors, and both were named David! Sue also read a lesson and Ursala sang in the choir.  Full participation by classmates and wives!“

After Christmas, Lee Bolman and wife Joan flew to Phoenix to vacation/visit with family. Lee reports that while there he and Bob Zuckert, Vanderbilt roommates, were able to engage in a bit of catching up on the past 60 years over lunch.  Unfortunately, Lee had to return early as Covid caught him.

Did you have an unusual experience this past year, involving other classmates or not, to share?

Who knew that Lee Bakunin had a hand in establishing women’s professional basketball?! The installments of his saga are post on our class website.  While that was in the past, Lee promises to write about his frontline seat to some of the world’s turmoil impacting the Middle East from his home on Cyprus.

January’s Coffee Hour on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict took place too late to make the YAM deadline for this issue. By the time you read this a recording of it will be found on our website. The December Coffee Hour focused on the spiritual aspects of our lives as we navigate our eighth decade. It featured three classmate speakers with different takes on the topic: Rod QuaintonBill McGlashan and Paul Wortman. The tone and focus of the session was introduced and moderated by our well-spoken and always thoughtful Lee Bolman.

Bill Weber shares the following: “As a member of the Yale62 communications team doing outreach of our classmates, I have had mixed results with some members not responding to emails or telephone calls, but others readily providing essays and interviews for our website,  A great example is the essays and an interview with Charlie Valier, my Calhoun buddy, who gave us an interview on his political and public life in Missouri and two essays on his life on Lake Charlevoix, Michigan.” Your responses to outreaches by your Communication Team are most welcomed, as are your unsolicited contributions. Thank you!

We regret the passing of classmates William (“Bill”) Carleton, Sherman Chickering and Louis Echols, but give thanks for their lives and the contributions they have made to us and to others. There are now full obituaries on the class website for Payson (“Whit”) Whitney, Roger Stone and Robert Lewis Jackson.