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Yale 62

YAM Notes: March/April 2020

By Stephen W. Buck, for the Communications Team

Two members of the class council have planned a class gathering in Seattle March 28–29: supper Saturday night and breakfast Sunday, planned for the same venue as a hotel. Total costs, excluding housing and alcohol, which will be available, is less than $100/person. We’ll have a cordial undertaking with some who’ve never before attended a class event. Some are planning to come from New York and South Florida. There will be time for you to visit friends and family, as well as see the area. See for up-to-date information on venue and who has said he’s planning to come. Write Jim Wechsler or Roman Weil with questions.

Dave Hummel reports, “We had a mini class reunion at the Yale Medal dinner during the YAA Assembly in November. Dan KoenigsbergJohn StewartLouis MackallEllis Wisner, and I sat together and caught up on years apart. The rest of our group, as you know, all hold official positions in our class hierarchy and I was representing the Yale Club of Montana. The assembly topic was ‘Cultivating Leadership, Advancing Yale’s Mission.’ We heard from President Salovey with his expansive plans for the future as well as various deans and university leaders. The highlight of the trip was Yale’s overtime victory over Harvard.”

From Bill Stott: Chile seems to be outside of the US public focus as of this writing (early January), much to Bill’s frustration. Sending along a link to this video, he tells his newsletter readers, both classmates and other acquaintances alike, that he agrees with the right-wing view it expresses. (Please note that the link goes to Facebook, so if you do not have an account there, the link may not open for you.) Bill adds, “Even the New York Times appears to be tone-deaf concerning the situation in this Latin American country (e.g., that a new constitution may not be the simple answer to dangerous socioeconomic discontent which grows by the minute).” Bill sends his missives from his adoptive homeland, quoting opinions of both leftist and rightist stripe to deliver to his readers a more complete picture of life in the troubled country.

On January 6, Louis Mackall, ever the loyal friend, invited any and all classmates near his location to celebrate what would have been Tom Luckey’s 80th birthday with a bonfire on the beach.

At, we’ve recently featured new postings sent to us on impeachment thoughts (by Steve Susman), grammatical wordplay, giving to Yale (both by Roman Weil), conservation politics (by Dave Bingham), and a video “Couples Interview” with our “First Couple of the Class,” Jolly and Class Secretary John Stewart. “Couples Interviews” is a brand-new feature to; we invite any classmate and his partner to contact us about participating in this fun new series. We’ve also included solo interviews with Charles Eisendrath and Bill Nye, and probably more by the time you read this note. All interviews mentioned have been conducted by communications team member Dick Riseling.

Sadly, we note the passing of James Brewster, who passed away in October of 2018, and of Einar Westerlund Jr., who passed in early 2019. We learned of both deaths this past fall, and both obituaries will be posted on the class website in due course. There are newly completed and posted obituaries on our class website for the following classmates: Sir John BoydDaniel J. KellyAlfred T. Tad” OgdenRichard M. SegelJohn P. Van Ness, and General Richard B. Yules, MD.