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Yale 62

James Foster Whipple

Jim WhippleDied: July 13, 2021

A lifetime Bay Stater, Jim Whipple was the eldest of three sons of John S. and Natalie Lynch Whipple of Marblehead, Mass.

Jim joined our class from Marblehead High School as a Philosophy major. He became a member of Jonathan Edwards, rooming with Barry Blose, Stuart Sidney and Bill Sullivan.

A solid academic, Jim was a member of the Chess Club and Calliopean, as well as the Political Union. His love of music was demonstrated by his participation in both the Yale Concert and Football bands, as well as the more classical the Collegium Musicum.

His high school music teacher persuaded him to switch from trumpet to French horn, an instrument he continued to play, including for the Navy where he served, and in a variety of musical groups in the Boston area where he lived.

Among the groups was the Boston Bar Association Orchestra.  Jim earned a law degree from Harvard University and practiced tax law for the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.

His other love was sailing. Jim was accomplished sailor prior to matriculating at Yale, and became an active member of the Yale Corinthian Yacht Club. He was a lifetime member and leader of the Corinthian Yacht Club of Marblehead.

Jim was survived by two brothers, a nephew, and a number of cousins. Visiting them in scattered states, Tokyo, and on Prince Edward Island, Canada was part of his annual retirement traveling which he enjoyed with tour groups.

— John D. Hatch III