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Yale 62

Ivy Requiem 2024
a “tongue-in-cheek” poem by Lee V. Bakunin

O tempora! O mores!
O Eli Yale!
The fates have descended
Telling you to bail.

How you created
And led from 1701
This vision for leaders
Beginning with sons

Patriots, clergy and scholars
Learning to serve
A colony in need
A future to preserve

Campus created from
Books, trinkets and cash
At a place called New Haven
For God, Country and Yale to last

Through wars and opposition
Nathan Hale gave his life
To solidify this institution
Protect it from strife.

It grew, it prospered
Changing with the times
Built colleges, music, sports
Bell towers to chime

From a nothing into something
Requires a lot of grit
Blood, sweat and money
Often lots of it

From people of vision
Sharing their larder
So the Yale of then
Could be the Yale of tomorrow

When you build a Universe
There are haves and have-nots
Trade-offs and concessions
To avoid internal rot

Quality and Equality
Level Playing Field and Diversity
Give way to Endowment
Lest there be adversity

Early institutions followed
A system of legacy
Protecting what they thought
To preserve their integrity

Is it wrong if you build
A future for heirs?
Wanting them to have
The same experience to share?

Private it started
Then government intervened
Offering benefits and incentives
Along with some green

Now, whenever there’s green
To remain at the top
You must change your ways,
Lest your ratings drop

Yale learned many lessons
As growth became reality
To be best of the best
Requires a lot of practicality

So here we are,
A few centuries later
Legacy is a dirty word
To which Yale must not cater

A plague on Eli’s House
Replaced by equal chance
So less fortunate or downtrodden
Can go to the dance

Admissions has a new tradition
No favors, no photos, yet scores
Fairness to all is the mission
Inclusiveness the goal, no less, no more

There’s a new sheriff in town
Message to alums: one and done
The door is now closed
No ticket for daughter or son.

What will it look like
100 years from now?
Your guess is as good as
Handsome Dan’s bow wow

Bright College Years we sang
Down the Field we sailed
White hankies in hand
As Yale bade us farewell

The Yale of Tomorrow will not
Be the Yale of Today
No matter how we wish
Beg, borrow, suggest or say.


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