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Finkle: The Rush to Eli Entrepreneurship

Truslow: Summer with a Lively Mom

Newberger's Jazz Ensemble

Stott: Reagan to Glaciers

World Weary, Respectful Snider

Proctor: Pre-Vacation Villains, Voices, Villas, and more

Triplett: A Wealth of Golfing

Livingston: Family Softball

Wilson, Quainton: Gathering the Groups

Hummel: Hopscotching the World

P. Greer, Hemphill

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Summer and Other Vacations

"What did you do on your summer vacation?" Well, among other things we spent time with mom, Bach, glaciers and golf.

Your editors held the nice responses that came in when we asked that question in order to make room for the Intelligence-squared debates. But now, here they are.

Next, please tell us about your fall and winter travels and be sure to send us your holiday group letters. -- Chris

The Rush to Eli Entrepreneurship:
A Bemused View

Will Silicon Haven match Silicon Valley?

By David Finkle

kaleFood Entrepreneurship. Image from the innovative "Foodtober" site of the Yale Alumni Association of New York.
Why it didn't occur to me when heading to my first AYA meeting as the class rep for '62 that I was in for a few days of Chamber of Commerce-like boosterism I can't say, but it didn't. It wasn't long before I caught on, however, and I was certainly impressed by what was paraded before me. To begin with, I didn't know that each of the annual November meetings has a theme. They do, and for Assembly LXXIV the theme was "The Entrepreneurial Spirit at Yale."

I arrived shortly after the Assembly chair, Darcy Troy Pollack, appropriately dressed in the kind of short skirt a cheerleader would favor, was introducing the theme as well as a series of speakers who would reinforce it. "Entrepreneurship the Yale way" was the burden of the speakers, which included several undergraduates pioneering start-ups of different kinds and succeeding at them. For example, there's Innovative Health Yale, which is self-explanatory; Karaoke Heroes, a ...

Click here to learn about other highlights -- like Lab Candy.


Hank Truslow: Summer with a lively mom

"The last person to ask what I did on my summer vacation was my sixth grade teacher. I told her and got a C, the beginning of a consistent academic career.

"My 100-year-old mother has been the center of our travels lately and a joy as well.
Hank Truslow and his mom Too feisty for Florida. Hank's mom in Maine

She is still in Maine because there are too many old people in Florida. On a recent visit she was horrified when I asked if she were really my mother. I told her it was important that I know I had her genes. I can't believe she has a 75-year-old son!"

Click to listen: Eli Newberger's jazz band

Eli Newberger's jazz band

Eli Newberger summers in the Berkshire hills of Massachusetts near the Tanglewood and Jacobs Pillow performances of music and dance, which he reviews for a local website. (Details are in the '62 January-February Alumni Notes in the Yale Alumni Magazine.) But he also is a virtuoso Dixieland tuba player in his band, "Eli's All Stars." Click here (or on the photo above) to hear.

Bill Stott: Reagan to Glaciers

Bill's travel scrapbook shows him in the entry portal of Ronald Reagan's Air Force One and provides views of how mammoth glaciers can be (below). Click here to see another glacier shot and the museum-ized Air Force One.

Bill Stott's adventure
As Big as Buenos Aires. Bill Stott's view of Argentina's Perito Moreno glacier

George Snider: World-Weary but Respectful

"Prior to vacationing on the Danube River, I have been thinking about the state of the world, which my wife Nora calls 'God's experiment.'

"In a widely quoted article on July 14, the Wall Street Journal recited a litany of current calamities around the globe: civil wars in Iraq and Syria, the escalating Israeli-Palestinian conflict, political divisions in Afghanistan (not to mention the United States), the crisis in..."

Click here for George's view that a more stable world is an uphill battle.

Phil Proctor: Pre-Vacation Villains, Voices, and Villas.
Coming Up, an Autobiography

Ah for the life of a traveling actor. Phil writes that he and Melinda are taking a three-month fall trip to Italy on the heels of voice parts for Pixar films, a radio role for SiriusXM, and new editions of the evergreen Firesign Theater high jinx. The Italian Adventure is chronicled on Facebook. Click here  for his pre-departure report.

Tom Triplett: 22 Golf Courses

"I continue to practice law nearly full time, but still squeeze out vacations. However, I moved to Bend, Oregon. There are 22 golf courses, four great fishing rivers and innumerable lakes, and skiing from November until July, so weekend vacations are year-round. We do sneak off to Mexico and Sedona in the heart of winter to drive the chill from our bones. And I play in an international golf tournament in Victoria, as well as hit the links in Scotland and Ireland with some regularity."

John Livingston: the 125th Anniversary of the Family Softball Game

"It seems that we may have become Cruise people. To begin, we had a great 12-day Seaborne Baltic cruise from Amsterdam to Stockholm in May and extended three days each on either end of the cruise. Many highlights, but the Hermitage was beyond our expectations. Other standouts: Walking the Amsterdam canals, biking a UNESCO site in Lithuania, traversing the Stockholm archipelago, and bumping into Lech Walesa..." Click here for more.

Steve Wilson, Rod Quainton: Mini reunions in France and Chicago

At least two mini-reunions broke out over the summer.

Steve Wilson visited Marty Ressinger's adopted second home of Martel, France, in the Dordogne region and had an "over the top" week. Steve reports that Yalies from the class of 1962 included Marty and his wife, Judy, Doug North and his wife, Ellen, Ed Rowen and his wife, Judy, Ed Strobehn and his wife, Heather, Burr Robinson and his wife, Terry, Arne Rode and his wife, Nancy, Steve and his wife, Susan, and Ed O'Keefe and his wife, Shirley. "Much eating, drinking, dancing French dances and singing Yale songs off key -- no Whiffs in our group!"

In mid-August, Rod Quainton and his wife, Nanci, hosted a micro-reunion in Chicago for Al Hallden, Charlie Flinn, Eric Eitreim and Dick Gale and their spouses. The schedule included the Architectural Tour, Second City, a Cubs game at Wrigley on its 100th Year season, Millennium Park, and the Art Institute.

Dave Hummel: Hopscotching the World

Come fly with me, come fly away Steps to Tourism. One of Cindy Hummel's many photographs from her and Dave's recent travels.

Ed. Note: Dave and Cynthia Hummel show every sign of keeping their undoubted lead in the '62 Book of World Records as Most Traveled. But after showing their taste for roads less toured via a group visit to Madagascar and East Africa last spring, this summer they did parts of the more traditional European Grand Tour, taking a group cruise up the Coast of the former Yugoslavia and finishing with Florence, Rome and Berlin. Click here for more of Cindy's shots and commentary.


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