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Comments on Castleman and Merrick Interview

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4 comments to Comments on Castleman and Merrick Interview

  • Cory Christopher T.

    Thanks for doing this , guys.

    Chris cory

  • Anthony Giamei

    No mention of nuclear power ??

    That is going to be a large part of the solution to our ever growing power needs.

  • Bill Weber

    Giamei—yes, go to our site and look at Tony Carbone’s essay and the comments on it.


  • The power of hindsight: gasoline is already dropping below $5/gallon!
    What is the “true” cost of a gallon of petrol, externalities included?
    It’s estimated that fossil fuels receive more than $5 trillion in annual subsidies worldwide—about a tenth of that, in the U.S.
    Oil’s got to be one of the most heavily manipulated commodities on the market.