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Comments on the Ed Rowan Interview Concerning Dirk Greineder

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7 comments to Comments on the Ed Rowan Interview

  • Douglas Floyd Russell

    Thanks to both of you for this presentation.

    Dirk was a society brother senior year. As, like him, I knew German and had spent years living outside the US, we initially engaged a bit more than with some of our other society brothers. But that faded after a few months as he was quite regimented and not very open to casual activities or conversations. I had no contact with Dirk following graduation and was stunned to learn about his crime back in the 1990’s. I was not able to follow his case so the motive remained a question until today. It seemed so far from what the methodical, orderly Dirk I had known, would ever do. But once again, addiction can triumph over any form of goodness.

  • Bill Weber

    My compliments to Al and Ed for such a great interview; Al–we have reviewed interviewing techniques and I am learning from this well constructed interview with Ed on such a difficult topic. Great job and thanks!

  • Neal Freeman

    Al and Ed: I’m grateful to you for taking the time, and finding the nerve, to skate on this thin ice. A remarkable story, well worth the telling.