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Yale 62

Dixie Carroll’s Show

By John Stewart

Last Friday (6/28/24) after a delicious lunch with Rives and Dixie Carroll, Dixie gave us a really informative tour of his beautifully mounted retrospective exhibit. It has selections from 1973 up to now and you can trace the evolution. Most of the exhibit was borrowed back from the owners, and Dixie allowed that it gave him a chance to repair pieces damaged in various ways. The accompanying book is a fascinating and authoritative look at Dixie’s oeuvre. He told us great stories about most of the pieces and we were charmed to be asked what WE saw. As he said, no one knows what’s going on in his head! He’s sold over 400 and has thirty more. Of course all the pieces are beautifully designed and finished, and seen in this total, the range of sizes and ideas is very great. Brilliant and original. One smiles, but is also moved. The four pictures are one of Dixie at work, a model for a Paris Metro stop, a book rack for a Yale student (note the Latin), and one of my favorites.

We are very grateful to have seen this exhibit and we’re very, very proud of our tenor sculptor!

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