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Yale 62

COVID and Yale ’62

By Al Chambers

We launched our COVID Corner earlier this year but have not used it extensively. In recent weeks, as you all know, the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths have been rising all over the United States. Unfortunately, but not a surprise, this has started to increase its reach within our class. Chip Neville requested last week that we inform classmates on that he and his wife were being tested because their Senior Living facility had many cases, including people whose units were near Chip and Judi’s. They have promised to keep us advised.

We are aware of several other classmates who also have been tested and one, Carl Kaestle, who has the virus, but is doing well. We checked with our probability guru, Roman Weil, who confirmed our thinking that the number of classmates in similar situations was certainly much higher.

Seniors are increasingly wanting to test, or are being requested to do so, and various test procedures are more readily available. The FDA has recommended, though it is not approved, that all people over 75 be added as a high priority for vaccinations starting as early as the spring.

At this point, sees our role as posting whatever information a classmate or his family may wish to share. For now, we are accepting anonymous but confirmed information, although we would much prefer to give more detail, including whether the classmate would welcome e-mails, phone call, letters, or just friendly thoughts.  Please send whatever information you would like included on our COVID Corner to

We would also welcome any suggestions that you would recommend on how this unfortunate situation can best be communicated. It is already clear that COVID19 will be part of our communications for many months at least and that interest in vaccine schedules and results will be important to all of us. There also will be interest in what Yale decides for 2021 Reunions.

We will be reviewing our procedure and policy within the next few weeks.

Another aspect of Yale and COVID19 is what is happening on campus. When students, faculty and other employees return to New Haven early in 2021, the University knows that it will need to resume its thus far quite successful testing and monitoring programs,  almost as if it was a fresh start. The community will have been separated for almost two months and sophomores, who were not at Yale in the Fall, will be returning to campus while first year’s will be studying virtually from home.

Just consider that a year ago, none of what has been described was known at all.

We welcome your comments.

2 comments to COVID and Yale 62

  • Roman Weil

    Today, I learned I get the option to be vaccinated if I will travel to my legal home base. My primary care doc, who takes good care of me in a concierge practice [which I recommend as cost effective, but that’s another column] thought it a mistake for 80+ year old to take four airplane rides to get two jabs, four weeks apart, rather than wait a few months to get them locally. I’d have guessed that the risk of travel is small and that it was better to fly for sooner vaccinations rather than not travel, stay still, for later. I would guess wrong.

  • Chris Cory

    Aren’t you old enough to qualify immediately at a local site where you are? My wife and I were, weeks ago.