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Comments on Our November Coffee Hour: Yale Admissions

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2 comments to Comments on Our November Coffee Hour: Yale Admissions

  • Bill Weber

    Lee, My compliments to you on an impressive review of the subject. The responses from our classmates and the lively discussions in the breakout groups were refreshing to say the least!

    I was a little surprised that there was no discussion on the admission of women beginning with the class of 1969, I think.

    Also I remember well the discussions that took place as Inky Clark and Kingman Brewster began the process of changing the ratio of public vs, private school admits in the early 1960’s.

    Thinking of the current “list price” of a year at Yale when we were there, one wonders the effect of inflation as the costs went from the $2000 range to $70,000 today!

  • Charles A Flinn

    Just had a chance to watch this and found it very interesting and informative. Special thanks to Lee for all the work her put into his presentation. Excellent!!!!