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May ’24: Coffee Hour Comments

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3 comments to May ’24: Coffee Hour Comments

  • Ken Merkey

    Until a few months ago I thought that Ukraine might just be another Viet Nam. I now believe that Putin will not settle for anything less than annexation of most of the country. Putin is in it for the long run. He is returning Russia to Stalinist times. Over 100 statues of Stalin have been re-erected across the country. From grade school on there is a renewed sense of Mother Russia. Putin is prepared to bankrupt Russia to win this war.
    In any event, this is not a winnable war for us. Throwing money at it is a fool’s mission. Firstly, corruption is part of the fabric of the Ukraine. A large portion of the funding cannot be audited. How much are the wing tips earning in DC? We are spending $6 Million per missile on 40-year-old technology. The profit margin for Raytheon has to be several hundred percent. BTW, many batteries fire 2 or 3 Patriot missiles at a single incoming drone or missile.
    We have a feeble leader who spends more time on vacation than in the office. He is surrounded by liberal nerds led by the highly compromised Blinken. Reagan was able to get Gorbachev to stand down because he had infinite nuclear power at his disposal. Biden has even more advanced power and will not (or cannot) take it to the table. His failure in Afghanistan showed the world just how weak he is.
    So, we just committed $60 Billion. How long will that last? How much more are we going to spend? Does anyone inside the beltway have a plan? I would have liked to hear how Professor Shore sees a winning formula.

  • Bill Weber


    Apparently you have forgotten about Charlie Wilson, the Congressman who arranged for stinger missles to be sent to Afghanistan. They were a deciding factor in Russia leaving Afghanistan, which some consider to be their Vietnam.

    The USA is still the Tugboat of Humanity and after our isolationist trend prior to Pearl, we led the world in trying to preserve democracy and national identities. We have not always been successful, but we try and to simply let one nation simply take over another is not in the best interests of our world.

    In the battle of good vs evil, whose side do you want to be on?

  • Ken Merkey

    I spent many years as a missile officer on a Polaris submarine. I know the value of deterrence. I also need not be questioned as to my loyalties.
    It is not an issue of good vs. evil. The world is changing. We presently have weak, misguided leadership. Biden is no Reagan and Putin is no Gorbachev. Using our nuclear capability as a deterrence does not work when you are dealing with a madman. We need to recognize that we cannot outspend Putin. So, we need a plan. Does anyone have a plan? When is NATO going to carry their fair share? The loss of independence in Ukraine will have a lasting effect in Europe, more so than in the USA. Profligate spending without a long-term plan is a fool’s mission.
    Biden is now talking about inviting Palestinians to establish a new homeland in the USA. Ask France and England how they enjoy a large Muslim minority.
    In 2019 Biden made a speech and said that it was incomprehensible to not supply Israel with weapons in its war against Iran and the Palestinians. Why has he changed his mind? (or is this another senior moment?)