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Yale 62

Our January ’24 Coffee Hour: Israel and Hamas

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4 comments to Our January Coffee Hour: Israel and Hamas

  • Robert Breault

    I greatly appreciate the discussion by each of the presenters. It opened my mind a lot. I have a better and a bit opinion now. Thanks for the frankness and sincerity.

  • Ken Merkey

    This was an eye-opener for me. I really appreciate the strength of the speakers’ convictions. I was hoping that we could have spent more time on possible solutions. I know that a 2 state solution will never work.

    We need more discussions of this order. Topics of current and crucial importance. Presenters with real world , first-hand experience.

  • Bill Weber


    As I recall, you have nuclear power experience. Gary Richardson has broached this topic and you may wish to offer him suggestions on how to proceed/ advance this issue.

    Thanks for interest and comments. Bill Weber

  • Paul Torop

    Was I successful in getting you my opinion?

    In 1970 I was in the Air Force working at the hospital at Andrews Air Force Base. I was punished for protesting the Vietnam war (long story). I’m offended by attempts to equate our protests at that time with the current support at universities for terrorists who proudly proclaim that their aims are to obliterate the country of Israel and kill Jews. I’m reminded of Karl Marx’s often-quoted observation. He wrote (loosely translated) “Hegel remarks somewhere that History repeats itself. He forgot to add, the first time as tragedy and the second time as farce.”