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Yale 62

Our January ’24 Coffee Hour: Israel and Hamas

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3 comments to Our January Coffee Hour: Israel and Hamas

  • Robert Breault

    I greatly appreciate the discussion by each of the presenters. It opened my mind a lot. I have a better and a bit opinion now. Thanks for the frankness and sincerity.

  • Ken Merkey

    This was an eye-opener for me. I really appreciate the strength of the speakers’ convictions. I was hoping that we could have spent more time on possible solutions. I know that a 2 state solution will never work.

    We need more discussions of this order. Topics of current and crucial importance. Presenters with real world , first-hand experience.

  • Bill Weber


    As I recall, you have nuclear power experience. Gary Richardson has broached this topic and you may wish to offer him suggestions on how to proceed/ advance this issue.

    Thanks for interest and comments. Bill Weber