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Yale 62

Our February ’24 Coffee Hour: Jimmy Hatch

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5 comments to Our February ’24 Coffee Hour: Jimmy Hatch

  • Rody Salas

    His presentation and the life lessons he shared with us were inspiring.

    Thank you, Jean and the communication team, for treating us with this outstanding CH.

    • Jean

      Thanks for your kind words, Rody. We all enjoy what we do, and were very pleased to be able to bring Jimmy Hatch to our Coffee Hour to speak to our terrific group!

  • Philip Stewart

    Thanks indeed for this presentation, useful in so many ways. It occurred to me that our class would have benefitted by the presence of a few such students among us.
    It also occurred to me that some of our teachers were veterans – I know of two in my own case, one of whom went to Yale on the GI Bill – but they were most reluctant to share that experience, I am not sure why, and we were likely not bold enough to elicit it from them.

  • Bill Weber

    Great presentation. Jimmy in the Jackson School, Eli Whitney Scholar, brings to the thought of the 1945W class that had Geo HW Bush and other WWII vets.

    I wonder if what Jimmy is in is the same or similar thing?

    In any event, the addition of scholars like Jimmy will add to the wonders of Yale.

  • Tim Hall

    This was such a wonderful and inspiring session! I’m sure I would have gotten more out of my Yale experience if I had gone at Jimmy’s age. It makes me feel very proud of Yale to know that the Eli Whitney Scholars program exists.

    And I love Jimmy’s idea about finding a way for members of our class to share their experiences with undergraduate students currently at Yale.