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Comments on Y62 INTERVIEWS: Bill Nye

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  • Franklin C Cacciutto

    We are honored to have distinguished activist Bill Nye as a member of our YC Class of 1962. Brooklyn is vast, so although classmate, we were unknown to each other as I taught English in the early 1980’s at George Gershwin JHS 166 in nearby East New York after teaching for twelve years at Richard C. Lee High School in New Haven. In Brooklyn I taught under the leadership of Dr. Frank Arricale. I had met him Freshman Year as he commuted from Brooklyn weekly to lead our Saint Thomas Moore Chapel religious discussion group. A follower of Dorothy Day, controversial Dr. Arricale, after serving as Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Relocation for Mayor John Lindsey, became the Superintendent of School District 19. Dr. Arricale taught us, “Poor kids are hurt the most by the American Dream.” His lesson resonated with me as an urban teacher throughout my long teaching career.

  • Chris Cory

    Dick is welcoming and keen as our class Dick Cavett (who was a couple of years ahead of us); Bill a deft and keen raconteur of his several progressions through public service. Inspirational, both. Thanks, guys. Dick: more, please.
    Chris cory

    • Jan Greer

      Chris, I would like to retrieve your current phone number and email address, as my various means of doing so have eluded my RAM, which has become random as random can be.

      All best, Jano

      My email address, (not for publication or you’d see it below}, is

      Mobile #: (862) 812-4286

  • I am very sad that Steve has passed on.