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Comments on the September 1, 2022 ‘First Thursday’ Coffee Hour

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6 comments to Comments on the September 1, 2022 ‘First Thursday’ Coffee Hour

  • Charles Merlis

    Unfortunately, I missed the live presentation. A topic as broad, complex and interesting as the midterm elections needed more time. There were various important issues brought up and discussed but I missed a very crucial one, the effect of Donald Trump and his shenanigans. I have written about him very extensively on my FACEBOOK page (I believe anyone going on Facebook can enter my name and access what I’ve written, you may request being my friend and I will gladly accept. I especially need friends who may disagree with me and write reasoned dissents). ROE V. WADE, I think is the main game changer, but Trump is also a clear Democrat asset. Aside from the revelations of the Jan 6 COMMITTEE which appeals to philosophers, constitutionalists, and political junkies like myself, the circumstances that led up to and resulted in the August 8th raid on Mar-a-Lago with the recovery of TOP SECRET and EMPTY ??? folders is easier (though sadly not easy) for the general public to appreciate and begin understand how dangerous Donald Trump is to our nation. Even some conservatives who hate the infamous Socialist Joe Biden, though they may not vote for Biden, may write in Dave Chappelle, instead of voting for a Trumper. What do you all think?

  • Ken Merkey

    So, what can we deduce from the fact that 41% of Americans approve of Biden yet 78% of our classmates approve of the same guy and his performance?

  • The two “MER” classmates above are truly serious about their own views and concerns about the country, though they would agree on virtually nothing. The Coffee Hour was planned to be about three key states in the Midterms, featuring resident classmates and they all provided important information and opinion. The points that Merlis raises about the former President certainly were included in the forecasts that were made and also on major issues that remain uncertain but have shifted significantly in the past few months. Merkey’s point about the 73 per cent Biden approval rating in fact represented the opinion of those classmates in attendance and voting in our spot poll. That matched almost exactly with responses to the same question in the July CH poll. I thought that the responses to the second question also told us a good deal about classmate views. The question was if the U.S. was in recession now or would be by the end of the year? The response from the 30+ classmates was 50% No; 20 per cent Yes and 30% Too Early to Know. Classmates often seem reticent to comment on, which I find surprising. Thanks to Charles and Ken for sharing what they think. Yes, they are polarized.

  • Charles Merlis

    Congratulations “Chambers” on finding the link between Ken and myself. It reminds me of the reason I gave when I was 8 for becoming a NY Yankee fan, Ya was the first 2 letters of Yankee and Yale (I had just come back from my father’s 20th reunion in New Haven). However, Al, I don’t want to take your word on it but would like to hear directly from Ken how he doesn’t agree with any of my viewpoints, especially since all my facts are true, though he may disagree on some opinions. For example, I am for the death penalty. Ken may believe in the sanctity of life and be against it. That’s opinion. It is a scientific fact that life begins at conception. I believe there are various reasons why abortions should be allowed aside from the no brainers of Rape and Life of the mother I also believe there are some circumstances when the father should be able to block an abortion. The latter are opinions.
    It is a fact that Trump has committed a myriad of crimes, though not yet “proven” in a court of law. It is an opinion that some people believe Trump should not be prosecuted for those crimes ands jailed. It is my strong belief that if you let Trump get away with it, you are doing serious damage to American democracy AND the Constitution. Actually the last statement is a FACT.
    As to Ken’s question: It is somewhat broad and imprecise. During Biden’s first year or so,, when I answered a survey question about the direction the country was going in, I thought it was going in the wrong direction, though that was not necessarily the fault of Biden (who was not my first choice). I also thought Biden was not doing an effective job of improving the system. However, his recent legislative victories and more vigorous defense of Democracy is raising his stature in my mind. Thus, we can deduce from those statistics, that our class is more educated and/or smarter than America as a whole.

  • Ken Merkey

    I find never-Trumpers fascinating. They somehow can overlook all the transgressions of Democrats (Hillary, Pelosi, Hunter, Kerry, et al) but they pounce on what appears to be an administrative issue for Trump. They are not concerned that the newly weaponized FBI skewed the 2020 elections by squelching the Hunter story.

    Two impeachments and a Mueller witch hunt turned up nothing despite Schiff’s guaranty that he had absolute proof.

    Is it a bit of a non sequitur to mix “facts” with legal findings and rulings.

    I would frankly be embarrassed to be a member of the same party as Pelosi, AOC, Lightfoot, Breed, Fetterman, Harris. Buttigieg, etc. But I am also annoyed by Cheney, McConnell, Kinzinger and other rhinos.

    I do believe that the ultimate solution to all of the corrupt and inept politicians, in both parties, is term limits.

    As to why our classmates are so in favor of Biden, I have a few ideas, (1) early dementia, (2) totally misinformed (they don’t read diverse sources), or (3) simply innate bias.

  • Charles Merlis

    Ken, thank you for your brave comment. I may be somewhat harsh in how I reply to you but I do it in spirit of robust debate. I invite you to give me back your best shots but please base it on facts, not innuendo. If you feel I am not basing my arguments against Trump fairly, please call me on it citing specifics.
    How many wrongs make a right, and are there grades of transgressions or is moral equivalency a matter of meaningless opinion? The Republican controlled House had many opportunities and vainly tried to nail Hillary for Benghazi but their House hearings were a bust, especially compared to the Jan 6 Committee. However, Comey, the FBI Director certainly skewed the 2016 election by his late October statement, which indicates that you are not above partisan propaganda when you state above, “the newly weaponized FBI skewed the 2020 elections…” As to Hunter Biden, I agree that he probably got his positions in Ukraine and China due to his relationship to his vice-president father and has a serious drug problem. However, I saw no evidence developed, even during the Trump administration and under the Trump appointed head of the FBI, connecting any corruption to Biden.

    BTW, It seems hugely disingenuous of you to accuse “never-Trumpers as pouncing on Trump for an administrative issue”. Improperly taking and holding Top Secret Documents as a non-officed civilian seems to me a significant specific breach of law and duty. Trump’s recent statements regarding, especially his declassification of documents by thought seems like it should be particularly embarrassing to his defenders. Ken, do you find it embarrassing or do you excuse his many ridiculous and incriminating statements by some legerdemain unknown to me.

    PLEASE don’t defend Trump by attacking your “usual suspects”. Defend him directly as best you can and separately attack whatever Democrat you wish, with specific charges and I will give you my opinion of those charges. I may agree with you. But each individual should be judged by their own actions.