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Comments on the Y62 Coffee Hour, November 5, 2020

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7 comments to Comments on the Y62 Coffee Hour, November 5, 2020

  • Charles Merlis

    Interesting, I agreed with aspects of several comments, but as far as the presidency was concerned, Tom Noonan’s (Were you the 155 pound boxer Freshman year in the tournament?) story was the most important. What disheartened me, was how so many people voted for such a hideous human being. Though the public was not party too the inside story as Tom was, there was enough public demonstrations of Trump’s character to inform the world of his pathological lying, crookedness, traitorous fawning to Putin, and incompetence to bemoan the character of almost half the electorate. I can understand people being for him because of certain issues, like antiabortionists, anti regulation, tax issues, supporting Israel, his seeming irreverent attitude, etc., but his character and attack on our institutions and ideals overshadow EVERYTHING! I was for Bernie both times and know the Congress and the Lobbyists (not intimidating Bernie but certainly intimidating Congress) would hold him back from “too” radical too fast changes to our economic system. I don’t like all the members of the “Squad”, but if you listen to what AOC actually says and her Congressional questioning of witnesses, she is pretty damn good. Like Elizabeth Warren, I am a Capitalist, but certain regulations are needed so we don’t become Trumps who get rid of any Inspector General that wants to investigate government/business excesses.

  • John Wickenden

    Please ALWAYS preface the participation of EVERY speaker with his name.

  • Ken Merkey

    For those of you who missed the call, I made a short statement about how the voters in South Carolina told the wealthy liberals that they cannot buy a senator in this state. After spending $109 MM to try and get a young, black, Yalie, with zero experience elected, they were sent packing. We also booted a Pelosi puppet, Joe Cunningham.

    Here are my predictions – in 2022, the Republicans will regain control of the House and that feeble old man has neither the physical nor the mental ability to make it through 4 years. When you elect Biden, what you are really getting is a placeholder for the looney left led by the grand looney herself – K. Harris. She is not only to the left of the party; she is to the left of the civilized world. Biden doesn’t know what day of the week it is and he will be totally managed by his handlers.

    The actions that the Democrats will take next year will drive the centrist voter to the right. We don’t need open borders, more sanctuary cities, abortions on demand, defunding of police, gun control, welfare for aliens, more costly energy, higher taxes, legalized heroin and cocaine, rotation of federal judges, and a smaller military.

    We need to address racism and equal opportunity. The Democrats are no longer the party of the working man or the minorities. They have become the party of the effete, the wealthy, the famous, and the intelligentsia. Biden voted against the only black judge on the Supreme Court. Obama did nothing about racism. Trump found jobs for the minorities. When are the minority voters going to see the light?

    What is really scary is the left’s inability to stand up to China and Iran. Like it or not, Trump understood that.

  • Stephen Buck

    Thank you for your comments. Look forward to seeing you and other classmates at our next coffee hour, the first Thursday in December, Dec. 3.

  • Ken Merkey


    For our next coffee clash, possibly you could comment on the new administration’s foreign policy, especially concerning China and Iran. We, of course, know that Harris has zero foreign policy experience and Biden’s is mostly personal, but it would be interesting to hear what your thoughts might be.

  • I think Tom Noonan nailed it and I felt from the beginning that Trump had all the characteristics of a totalitarian dictator and this should have been the focus of his presidency as well as the election itself, rather than worrying about the specific issues of the candidates stands on the issues.

    In my discussions with some “breakfast buddies” I could not get an answer as to what type of person they wanted as president; their main concern was his tough stand on trade, military and business with the main theme of “getting the bastards who are screwing us”.

    One of my buddies suggested at the beginning of his Presidency that Trump would be the most important president of the USA ever and I agreed with him. Later on he said he thought Trump would be ranked as the best president ever and I made no comment!

    Now that it is over, I have the desire to gloat over my prevailed views, but will not because of a need to keep them as friends; politics can have devastating effects on personal relationships and Trump was the epitome destroying anyone who disagrees.

  • Mike kane

    The November coffee hour was very entertaining and congratulations are in order for the Communications Team, moderator Kent Hughes, and webmaster Jean McKillop . Yale has a lot to answer for after producing Brett Kavanaugh and my current Governor Ron deSantis, but this group spoke well of the vitality and intelligence of the Yale community even in its octogenarian form..well done!
    Mike Kane 62