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Comments on the Y62 Coffee Hour, Oct. 23, 2020

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13 comments to Comments on the Y62 Coffee Hour, Oct. 23, 2020

  • Tim Hall

    Great conversation [during the Coffee Hour]! On the topic of the status of the Constitution, I would recommend a great resource that we all have in the Law School and the Political Science Department: Professor Akhil Amar. He is an expert on the Constitution, and I heard him give some wonderful lectures at Chautauqua. He is another one of those people who always carries around a copy of the Constitution, and he is happy to give them out to people.

    For anyone interested in doing personal research on the topic, Iā€™d recommend that you check out one of his courses or writings.

    • George Snider

      Thanks, Tim, for the suggestion. At this point in the early evolution of the Zoom coffee hours, we have not strayed outside those in the Class of ’62 as participants. That said, the Communications Team will discuss your idea further in coming months. –George

  • Steve Rose

    VERY good. Really enjoyed that šŸ‘šŸ»šŸ™šŸ»šŸ˜Š

  • Steve Buck

    Well done. In this fraught time, with tempers occasionally flaring, congratulations on a civil and very lucid discussion.

  • David Bingham

    Enjoyed the civil discourse and interesting perspectives.

    Regarding Covid view, speaking as a retired MD: treatments are going to improve outcomes, and vaccines will diminish risks to individuals and to society. Prediction: the pandemic will be much improved by the end of 2021 and most of the economy will begin to open up safely. Relying on natural “herd immunity” at present, however, would be criminally negligent, resulting in a huge number of unnecessary deaths and on-going morbidity that will sap our economy. On the bright wide, We have learned a lot about how to avoid flu-like illnesses. That will be a major benefit in avoiding future pandemics.

    Regarding the Paris Climate Change pull-out, I wonder how we can ever persuade the rest of the world to do the right thing when the US administration demonstrates an unwillingness to lead by example on climate change, as part of an on-going global process of education and sharing of experience. Shameful, and scary to contemplate a future of fire and floods, draughts and social disorder. We need to turn that around with a new administration dedicated to meeting this crisis head on.

    • George Snider

      David, thank you for your cogent and well-expressed comments — particularly those concerning herd immunity. I hope you can participate in the November 5 post-election special and in all the coming first-Thursday Zoom coffee hours. –George

  • Ken Merkey

    The problem with a new administration is that we will have Supreme Court packing, 2 new states, assault on the 2nd amendment, unfettered abortions, a senseless approach to green energy, open borders, growth in unemployment and in welfare, taxes on IRAs and 401Ks, more sanctuary cities, defunding of the police, etc. Has anyone studied the use of proceeds in Pelosi’s spending bill. Harry Reid would be proud of the way she spreads pork around. ($2 Billion to upgrade IT at the VA? $1 Billion to Amtrak? Really?)

    As in 2016 we are being asked to elect the lesser of two evils. Two very flawed characters. For me, I’ll take the one with a track record of accomplishments, not 47 years feeding at the federal trough with nothing to show for it, except, voting against the only black member of the Supreme Court, authoring the crime bill that caused our mass incarcerations, and voting to increase taxes on social security. Oh, let’s not forget the affordable care act. It is not affordable when a single, employed 36 year old female has to pay $1,000 per month and has a $6,000 deductible.

    Make America Great Again

  • George Snider

    Thank you for your views, which I imagine are shared by many in the Class. (You did lose me, however, with the comment about “two new states.”) Please feel free to come back for future coffee hours, not all of which will be political in nature — but will certainly come after Trump or Biden is elected. –George

  • Ken Merkey

    If you do not listen to Fox News you are sadly uninformed. Clearly stated in the liberal manifesto is the intent to gain permanent control of the Senate by creating 2 additional states, DC and Puerto Rico.

    …..and the latest from Sleepy Joe, in elected, we are going to rotate federal judges around the court system, including the Supreme Court.

  • Ken Merkey

    A challenge: Would anyone give me a reason to vote for Biden (other than he is not Trump)?

    With the Covid crisis raging through Europe, possibly all those Biden folks (including Barry Obama)should lend a hand with all their ideas how to cope with the pandemic. It is so easy to be a Monday morning quarterback.

  • Bill Toal

    It may be that as Mr. Merkey asserts that I am sadly misinformed but I continue to believe that character and honesty matter. I am also of the opinion that Covid is running rampant through the US with no strategy to control before an effective vaccine is developed, delivered and taken.