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Yale 62

Class Council Meeting: June 12, 2023

After John Stewart’s opening greeting Treasurer Dan Koenigsberg reported that about 40% of the class contributes, which is in the middle range, not embarrassing. Our treasury is in order, although more precise figures were not available from YAA. Our long-time and very helpful representative, Jennifer Julier, has retired, and we await the hiring of her successor.

Peter Sipple reported on last Fall’s YAA meeting. He was thanked for his 3 years of service. His successor is Larry Prince.

Dan and Phil Moriarty reported on last June’s 60th reunion. Unlike ’63 which just took advantage of Yale’s offerings, we had our own: a one-man panel of David Scharff, who painted a vivid picture of psychological health issues in China and another panel featured classmates still working including Stephen Lash, Phil Moriarty, Ed Goodman, Charlie Eisendrath, Sam Waterston and Phil Proctor. Responses from the audience made it very clear that many of us are in fact still working. We had great speakers including Professor David Blight. Saturday night in TD the food was passingly good, Joe Holmes compelled many of us onto the dance floor after the Whiffs had revisited their greatest hits. The Whiff song came twice. First time everyone was invited up onto the stage to sing, and second the entire tent joined in, lustily and sentimentally. Our reunion class donation was bumped from five million to fifteen million through the great generosity of Kirk MacDonald, whose gift is going to Yale’s newest school, The Jackson School of Global Affairs.

Three Council members have departed since our last meeting: Steve Buck, Roman Weil, and Bill Stork.

John floated the idea of raising money to underwrite the recording of classmate Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Lew Spratlan’s last work, his first symphony, but was reminded that such an effort must get by the guardians of the Yale Gift office. If you don’t know his music, much is available on YouTube.

After the meeting ended small quorum stayed for a half hour to talk further. Very interesting subjects: noting that Covid was not mentioned during our meeting, the state of admissions procedures, a sense that Yale seems to be building a wall keeping out outside suggestions/comments, and finally mini reunions. We’ve not given up on the last and would hope for possibilities in Seattle, Boston, Chicago and best of all, Boise. And perhaps somewhat easier, if we can find organizers, lunches or dinners in the above or other cities. Larry Prince does a great job in NYC.

I’m optimistic about the Class Council, based on the strong attendance. A danger at our time of life is not to make the effort to stay in touch and involved. We are lucky to have the superb communications team, for YAM, website and the monthly coffee hours. Their activities serve as a beacon to remind us of who we were and are, and who we are to each other. 21 council members attended.

John Stewart

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