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Yale 62

Charles Gould Morris II

Born: December 12, 1940
Died: June 30, 2019

Tony died in Ann Arbor in the company of loved ones.

Born in Hartford, CT, he came from a large Yale family including his father, both grandfathers and three uncles. He prepared for Yale at Kingswood.  In Timothy Dwight, he roomed with Griff Resor and Andy Yost. A psychology major, he was active in W1YU, the Psychology Club, and the Dwight Hall Middletown Project. He earned his MA and PhD at the University of Illinois, and his entire academic career was spent at the University of Michigan in the Psychology Department. He also served as Associate Chair of the department, and spent a term as Associate Dean of the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. He retired in 2002 as Professor Emeritus. From the Ann Arbor News obituary: “He leaves a legacy of intellectual contributions to the communities he touched, teaching a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses which had a profound effect on thousands of students. He published two major textbooks, Introduction to Psychology, and Understanding Psychology, now in its 11th edition!” His many passions included music, ham radio, roses, sailing, cooking, genealogy, and for 15 years, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

He wrote charmingly in the 25th and 50th Reunion Books. From the 25th: “Through small seminars, huge lectures and several textbooks I have managed to confuse nearly two million students so far, and the end is not in sight!” From the 50th: I don’t know if I would have purchased a copy (of the 5oth Reunion Book, in the fall of ’58) but what follows bears little resemblance to what I would have expected to read. I think I would have predicted reading about a long and happy marriage to someone. I didn’t know the right “someone” back then, but not long after, I found her. Penny and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in August of 2011… We have three wonderful children (and seven grandchildren)… I also never would have expected to love teaching as much as I do.”

Here are some comments from his memorial service. “He made me think. He also made me do it over and over again until I did it the right way, every time. What a role model.” “Tony was a great mentor to many in the Coast Guard Auxiliary. His leadership will be missed.” “I never ceased to be impressed with how he used his towering intellect in the service of others. He was a true servant leader.” “Live from Dearborn, it’s Saturday Night! He was an amazing emcee!”

Tony is survived by his wife Penny, his three children and seven grandchildren.


– John H. Stewart